New artists in Carré d'artistes® galleries

12 janvier 2016

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Within the 35 international contemporary art galleries of the network, as well as within the online art gallery, Carré d'artistes® exhibits permanently 600 painters coming from the whole world (France, United States, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, China, United Kingdom, Ethiopia...). Every month, Carré d'artistes® presents you a new artist in exhibition, among 600 exhibiting in the network, all around the world. Carré d'artistes® thus offers you ceaselessly universes, techniques and renewed styles, for the pleasure of eyes.

2016, new artists

While 2016 has just started, Carré d'artistes® will propose this year many new artists still never exposed in galleries. Moga in Bordeaux, Régis Rigaux in Lille, Giorgio Giardina in Rome, or still Lee Hee Young in Seoul are members of about twenty new painters who integrate Carré d'artistes® in January. They will be joined during the whole year by about 150 new artists who will be dispatched in the galleries.

Discover the artists exhibited in the gallery of your choice

They integrates Carré d'artistes® galleries in 2016 : Régis Rigaux in Lille, Moga in Bordeaux, Corinne Gatel in Paris-Saint-Germain (6), Karine Romanelli in Paris, Le Marais (4), Maurizio Galloro in Paris, Montmartre (18), Nicole Ortis Bommarito and Rybski in Paris Bercy Village (4), Hervé Hughes in Paris, Ile Saint-Louis (4), Théo in Lisbonne, Olivier Messas in Utrecht, Paola Di Renzo in Milan, Giorgio Giardina in Rome, Ender Dikmen in Istanbul, Alban Pedrola in Doha, Levon Aslanyan in Moscou, Lee Hee Young in Séoul, Laetitia Croce in Shangaï.