21 mai 2019

Two years ago, people began talking about the Art of Recycling, or the trend of '' Recycl'art '' in which artists demonstrated that old waste materials can be reused to create works of art. The goal was not to highlight the recycled materials but rather to use them as components in the work, creating a new way of recycling in the artistic world.

The movement evolved and became known as upcycling, which consists of the repurposing of materials in an unconventional way. But what is the difference between recycling and upcycling? In both cases, an object is recovered and given a second chance at life. But where recycling involves a process of total transformation, upcycling reuses materials in a creative and enhanced way.

In fact, recycled products will often be of lower quality than they once were, whereas upcycling offers an added value to the product, often in an artistic way. Finally, in the same way that we differentiate industrial from craft, recycling is achieved on a large scale in comparison to the careful and intimate act of upcycling.



Pablo Macias has become one of the leading artists in this upcycling movement. Working out of Aix en Provence, France, the artist chooses to bring new life to a wide variety of waste materials. The most important aspect of his work is to highlight these recovered objects.


Pablo finds objects and materials for his sculptures in workshops, flea markets and garage sales. He selects articles according to a specific esthetic requirement: the object must reflect the love of its creator and their technical know-how. For the artist, "a well-designed object is in itself beautiful."

Once acquired, Pablo stores his treasures in his workshop, leaving them clearly visible on shelves in order to allow his imagination run free.

Fascinated by the removable and reusable dimension of objects from the past, the artist highlights these aspects so that they may become ever present features in his work. In staying true to his objects Pablo assembles his sculptures with bolts rather than in the more traditional way of gluing or welding.


Thus, Pablo Macias poetically brings new life to these objects as he comments on their illustrious industrial pasts.Here functionality becomes purely artistic and the detailed work of the artist breathes new life in the materials of yesteryear.

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