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Art City Guide Utrecht

5 août 2016

The fourth largest city in the Netherlands has a strong historical background which can easily be pointed out thanks to medieval buildings scattered throughout the city. It is also a very important catholic center as its hosts the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Utrecht, the most influential religious institution in the Netherlands. Just like Amsterdam, Utrecht is known for its canals and docks, which give the city an exquisite atmosphere. As for its landmarks, Ultrecht is home to remarkable monuments such as the St. Martin's Cathedral, whose tower culminates at 112.5 meters, the peaceful Pandhof Garden or the Court of Justice.

Traditional and religious museums

Utrecht is worth visiting for its many museums, each one more interesting than the other.
The Catharijneconvent Museum traces the history of Christianity in the Netherlands. As the name clearly suggests it, the museum is located in the former St. Catherine monastery and houses a large collection of artistic and historical works covering a wide period from the beginning of Middle Ages to the twenty-first century.
 Do not miss the Centraal Museum which is the main museum of the city, including  the Rietveld Schröder House and the Dick Bruna Huis. This museum explains the history of Utrecht and features art collections before 1850, modern art and applied arts. Throughout the summer, the exhibition 'Ik neem je mee "focuses on the history of refugees while the studio Dick Bruna  will delight your children with the eponymous collection. This artist dedicated to kids is known for his illustrations and his rabbits (Miffy) that your offspring will certainly enjoy.


Unexpected discoveries

The Sonnenborgh and Sterrenwacht Museum houses another collection that your little ones will certainly enjoy. Sonnenborgh is the bastion of the city, a former fortress of the sixteenth century proudly housing a university. As for Sterrenwacht, it is the name of the public observatory, an exceptional place where one can see the sky and the stars through outstanding telescopes. This summer, an exhibition is dedicated to the stolen meteorite, a local urban legend. You can also discover the Utrecht meridian.

The Het Spoorwegmuseum is the national museum of Train. Located in a former railway station, this museum has a priceless collection of objects related to this invention.

The Botanical Gardens of the University of Utrecht houses all kinds of flowers, trees and plants since you can find plants from around the world, collected for scientific reasons. Culture for to the eyes and the nose!

Utrecht is home to a wide selection of museums hosting unusual exhibitions, such as the Museum Speelklok, undoubtedly the most musical museum in the world, the House Rietveld Schröder, an architectural masterpiece, the Betje Boerhave Museum, a former grocery store of the 19th century and the museum of National Indigenous Arts! 

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