Artists, join us!


Apply online by clicking here

If you are short-listed, Carré d'artistes will send you an application form to fill out and to send back to us with 4 pieces of original art work.

Why exhibit with Carré d'artistes ?

An exhibition with Carré d’artistes in the opportunity for you too:

  • Focus your full efforts on creation
  • Have a close relationship with an artistic service available for you
  • Promote your work internationally 
  • Maintain your freedom to exhibit at shows and in traditional galleries

Carré d'artistes concept

A Carré d'artistes gallery exhibits the works of between 10 to 20 artists at any one time. Each artist is invited to display 40 pieces in a dedicated space (10 pieces for each size category: 13x13cm, 19x19cm, 25x25cm et 36x36cm).

Artists successively exhibit their works in the various towns and cities of our Carré d’artistes galleries in France and abroad. The minimum temporary exhibition time is six months per gallery. At the end of each exhibition, the artworks are transferred by Carré d’artistes to another gallery.

Carré d’artistes takes care of the logistics (mounting of art works, hanging, exhibition follow up) and ensures you are promoted.

NB: Carré d'artistes only exhibits unique and original works. We do not accept digital works.

For any further questions, please contact our art departement :