Lionel Chevalier

Lionel, a Breton who lived in Normandy for several years before returning to settle in the port town of Saint-Malo, became passionate about the visual arts from a young age. Entirely self-taught, he began to exhibit and sell his watercolours at just sixteen. Subsequently, he turned towards other formats and techniques to achieve the development of a pictorial style today which is his own, sailing between figuration and abstraction, between saturation and balance.

By means of acryclic, which he applies in flat and successive layers on the canvas, Lionel executes his works paying particular attention to the work of the material. Alternating between speed and precision, his gesture is animated by a dynamic which is in perfect harmony with his palette. The painter thus carefully transposes the wide range of colours into a multitude of gradations from which, here and there, come subtle touches of light. Unlike those artists who lock themselves in their studios to paint, Lionel likes to do his works on the spot, always placing his easel in the open air, facing his subject.

For attention to detail, the artist prefers synthesis, choosing to offer his audience a deep and sensitive composition which summons the imagination rather than the gaze. In this way, inspired as much by the abstract landscapes of the painter Nicolas de Staël (1913-1955), as by the horizons and shores characteristic of his native Brittany, Lionel constantly strives to translate, with force and poetry, “the beauty of a moment, a light, a wave”.

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