A custom artwork


Carré d'artistes® introduces you to more than 150 talented artists through its online gallery.

Each artist has their own universe, style and method and offers you a selection of unique and original artworks.

Your very favorite artwork is no longer available? You’d like a different size than the ones from Carré d’artistes®? Or would you like a custom-made artwork created by your favorite artist?

Share your request with the Carré d’artistes® team!


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Some of our customers have already tried it and are delighted!

Here are some examples : 


Oeuvre sur-mesure Agusil


Oeuvre d'art sur-mesure Dadao

oeuvre d'art personnalisée - Coluche

Patrick Rousseau

Oeuvre d'art sur-mesure Patrick Rousseau

Oeuvre d'art personnalisée Patrick Rousseau

Jan-Hein Arens

Oeuvre d'art sur-mesure Jan-Hein Arens


Oeuvre d'art personnalisée C.Duchêne

Serge Rat

Oeuvre sur-mesure Serge Rat

Daniel Castan

Oeuvre d'art sur-mesure Daniel Castan