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« Great artworks are only great because they are accessible and understood by everyone » Léon Tolstoï

Born from love of art

Young student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stéphanie Tosi, co-creator of Carré d’artistes, has always had a passion for art. After graduating from a business school and several years working as sales director in an international company, she decides to embark on the ambitious Carré d'artistes project.

On September 11th, 2001, Carré d’artistes is born, with the opening of the first gallery in Aix-en-Provence.
A date that didn’t bring bad luck to both founders, as Carré d’artistes
 has developed ever since, counting 39 contemporary art galleries in France and abroad.
Nowadays, Carré d’artistes is the biggest art promoter in the world, under the influence of French culture.  

And the adventure is not about to stop, with planned openings for the next months!

Encouraging people to discover contemporary art

Because contemporary art is not exclusively for the elite, Carré d’artistes® participates in the contemporary art discovery, providing quality artworks at reasonable prices.
Thus, Carré d’artistes exhibits different styles to promote diversity and show new artists.
In fact, everyone can love art, without any barrier. l’ouverture ?

Concretely, to expose an easier and transparent choice, Carré d’artistes sets an artwork’s price depending on its size. For example, an artwork of 5x5’’ will cost 75€, regardless of the artist or the technique used.

Promoting artists' work

Regardless of their experience, Carré d’artistes makes sure its artists are accompanied through every step.
A long term and close relationship is built between them and Carré d’artistes.

Nowadays, Carré d’artistes features about 500 talents from all over the world, permanently.
The 39 international Carré d’artistes art galleries and the online gallery offer contemporary artists a worldwide visibility: an amazing opportunity, for these many talented artists, to make a living of their passion.

Ensuring quality artworks

Art is becoming accessible, but quality does not need to be set aside.

At Carré d’artistes, the recruitment process of an artist is strict. 
After a rigorous selection by our artistic department, the remaining artists are reviewed by the Selection Comity according to demanding criteria. 
Finally, every artwork sent by the chosen artists is examined to ensure quality.

With Carré d’artistes, you can be assured that artworks are unique, original and certified. In other words, you know only one copy of each artwork exists.

Offering new artworks regularly

Our contemporary artworks are exhibited in Carré d’artistes galleries’ network and on the online gallery. Nos

In each gallery, 10 to 15 artists are displayed permanently. The latter are replaced and sent to other Carré d’artistes galleries.
When artists prove themselves in galleries, they have the opportunity to be present on our online gallery.
On the latter, more than 100 artists are exhibited permanently. Up to 60 others will be in temporary exhibition during 4 months.

These movements enable artists to encounter new audiences, and our clients to discover new artworks regularly.


Carré d’artistes, a collective adventure which reflects the diversity of contemporary creation.