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When you are part of the CLUB Carré d’artistes®, you enable artists to create, surprise and move. In short, you are supporting contemporary artists and art.

Liberate contemporary art and support creation

By becoming a member of CLUB Carré d´artistes®, you are affirming your support for the project and helping to make art accessible to everyone. Membership costs just €5 for an unlimited time period and you can enjoy exclusive offers throughout the year.

Becoming a member of CLUB Carré d'artistes® also means benefiting from various advantages.

Welcome Offer: €10 free

Receive a €10 gift voucher when you open your card, valid for the purchase of artworks from galleries in France and from the online art gallery.

20% discount on frames

To highlight their artworks, CLUB members enjoy a 20% discount on frames in our galleries or online. To obtain a valid Internet code, contact us on (+33) 4 42 92 73 19.

But that's not all...

Participate in artistic events (workshop visits, conferences, museum admissions, etc.) and receive information and gifts exclusively reserved for club members

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