• Artwork's size:16x48" / 40x120 cm
  • Technic:Mixed
  • Style:Figurative
  • Color:Multicolored
  • Also in galleries:Toulouse

Unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art

Your artwork will be deliver, at the latest, on the 28/10/2020

Living in the south of France in the city of Toulouse for more than 10 years, GEIRY works on the creation of figurative paintings. A self-taught painter, she learned drawing techniques over the course of her professional training, and has not stopped perfecting her style since then. Also, with the help of her fingers, knives and brushes, the artist shapes the pictorial subject matter using juxtapositions, which aim to give depth to the work and to increase the dynamism.  Boldly contemporary, colourful and expressive, her portraits are the produ…


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