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Dive into the heart of contemporary pictorial emotion by discovering the unique paintings of our artists. Discover the unique characteristics of acrylic paint, that make it attractive to many contemporary artists, whether for its plastic-like texture, fast curing, or high malleability.

Let yourself be seduced by our selection of original acrylic art for sale. From abstract to figurative, from landscapes to portraits, you are sure to find the acrylic that will touch you.

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Acrylic paint, a contemporary art

Acrylic is a contemporary painting technique derived from oil painting.

While the exact date of its creation is debated, it is clear that acrylic painting began to develop in the 1930s in the United States.

The success of acrylics is immediate and is aligned with modern societal evolution.

Acrylic painting by Carré d'artistes

The commercialization of acrylics in the 1950s, available in tubes or pots, marked the democratization of acrylic art. The concept of diluting paint with water gave acrylics a practicality that resonated with the pop art movement.

Thus, renowned contemporary artists like Andy Warhol helped elevate this painting technique to the same level as oil paint. Famous abstract expressionists, including Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, and Helen Frankenthaler, then favored acrylics.


How is acrylic on canvas done?

Contemporary acrylic painting breaks from the traditional practice centered on oil painting.

Unlike traditional oil paints, which take a long time to dry due to the oil mixed with pigments, acrylics dry much faster. While many contemporary artists still use oil paint, they often prefer the convenience of quick-drying acrylics.


Particularity of acrylic


It also has the following particularities:


  • to be permanent once the application
  • to be lightweight
  • to be insensitive to humidity and water once dry
  • to be washable
  • to be perfectly preservable: the pigments do not become dull over years
  • to be used on any surface
  • to be applied and handled with many different tools (palette knives, brushes, rollers...) and even with bare hands
  • to be able to realize many effects on the canvas...

It is also possible to incorporate mediums, which are substances that modify the viscosity of the paint. Contemporary artists use this painting technique flexibly, allowing them to cover all pictorial styles, from abstract to realism.

Acrylic art is perfect for any room, style, and home decor, even adding a refreshing and contemporary touch to bathrooms thanks to its numerous characteristics. On Carré d’artistes, each original painting tells a unique story, reflecting the artist's experiences and emotions.

Enjoy Medeya Lemdiya's pop art interpretation of great historical and cinematic figures or immerse yourself in Bjerke's abstract world.


What are the different types of acrylic paintings?

Acrylic paintings are a great way to express yourself and showcase your decoration style. The different types of acrylic paintings include :

  • Abstract paintings: Characterized by bright colors and unreal, subjective shapes, this artform is free from the representation of reality, allowing the senses to take over.

  • Portraits: These depict people or animals, often with realistic detail.

  • Landscapes: This style showcases nature, usually featuring trees, mountains, bodies of water, or other natural elements.

  • Still life: This art form depicts various objects found in nature, such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables, arranged on a table or shelf.

  • Acrylic artworks on wood are perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful piece to hang in their home.

This medium is easy to clean and resists frequent temperature changes, making it suitable for any room.

What type of acrylic paintings would you like to display on your wall? Find the perfect piece in our collection of acrylic paintings for sale.

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