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What is the custom painting service?

Our custom painting service allows you to purchase a painting designed especially for you by your favourite artist. 

You just have to tell us what you want by email at bonjour@carredartistes.com. This can concern the size, the material, the color, the shape shape or the theme you want. We accompany you to define your project your project and we contact the artist. We then leave it up to the artist's creativity. After a few days of work, you will have a piece of art that really reflects you.

How does the design of the personalised paintings work ?

In order to allow you to give free rein to your desires and your imagination, we suggest you freely choose the materials to be used, the dominant colours, the inspirational styles or the shapes you wish to see appear on the work.

How to order a personalized artwork ? 

1. Define the project
1. Define the project
In 5 minutes, let us know your wishes by email at bonjour@carredartistes.com. We will then take over to accompany you.
2. Confirmation of the order
2. Confirmation of the order
Once the project has been validated by the artist, you can confirm your order. We ask for a 40% non-refundable deposit to secure the artist's work.
3. Discover your personalized artwork
3. Discover your personalized artwork
We send you a photo of the finished artwork. You have the option of asking the artist for a final modification so that it corresponds exactly to your expectations.
4. Receive your personalized artwork
4. Receive your personalized artwork
Following the balance payment, we send you your personalized work. You now just have to find a place in your decoration or to offer it!

Why order a personalised painting?

It is always difficult to find the ideal painting to brighten up a room or to decorate your home. The work of art personalised by your favourite artist from our careful selection of more than 600 painters, by adapting perfectly to your tastes and desires, will be able to fulfil this mission.

Whether you prefer a portrait, a landscape, a nude painting or a minimalist style, an oil painting or a graffiti, all themes and techniques are possible. By ordering on our website, you can be sure that you are supporting an independent artist and that you will receive a work that is certified as unique by our art curators.

You can also choose to order a personalised painting for a loved one. In this way, you can be sure to give an exceptional gift that will last over time. This extremely original gift idea can also allow you to convey a message of love or friendship through art.

What services are included with the personalised painting?

The creation of the artwork is done on order. Once your request has been made, we contact the artist to discuss the feasibility of the project and to make sure we communicate all your expectations. Only then does the artist get to work.

A first version is then proposed to you so that you can make some modifications. Remember: the artist works for you. So don't hesitate to shape the work, so that it reflects what you really want.

Once the production is finished, you will receive it directly at your home. The painting is packaged with the utmost care to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. You then have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a customer service team that is always there for you.
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