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A plethora of sculptures of all kinds awaits you at Carré d'artistes. You will discover rare and unique pieces.
Discover our selections of contemporary sculptures in our art galleries and on our website, our contemporary sculptors offer several styles, themes and techniques of sculpture to find your happiness.
Wood sculpture, clay sculpture, modern sculpture, bronze sculpture, animal sculpture, metal sculpture... 

The sculptors are selected by our art curators, to offer you the best is our main mission so that you will have favorites!

Brief history of sculpture

Sculpture is an art that is specific to modelling artists to put in place shapes and volumes from different materials. You will find ornaments in relief, modelling, in the round, with welds, etc. As you can see, there can be different types of sculptures depending on the technique favoured by each artist.

This word comes from the Latin word "sculpere" which means "to carve" or "to remove parts from a stone". Carving stone requires the skills of a skilled sculptor who is able to give form to relatively common objects. In the 10th century, the sculptor was assisted by a team: master builder and stone cutters.

Sculpture is different from modelling, but it has always been associated with painting. These two categories of artists originated in the Middle Ages and belonged to a similar trade community.

Painting and ornament finally separated

The distinction between these two professions was officially made in 1648 in France with the creation of the academies of painting and sculpture. It should be noted, however, that many artists remained painters and sculptors at the same time. In the 19th century, a distinction was still made between the "sculptor" who carved solid materials such as wood, stone or ivory and the "statuary" who concentrated on works in clay, wax or plaster.

Existing forms

There are two main categories of sculpture: relief and relief in the round. The former is an ornament that is fixed to a background and evolves out of that background. The crushed relief has a low relief ratio and its contours are finely incised. There are bas-relief, high-relief and intaglio. The ronde-bosse is produced in such a way that it can be seen from almost all sides. This technique is supported on a plinth or floor and housed in a niche. The most famous ornament in this version is reminiscent of Michelangelo, who juggles these two principles.
The figures are half-emerged from the marble block.

The world of sculpture

Sculpture can be done using three different techniques: that which consists of shaping a soft material to create forms, that which is used to take the material from a compact block and that which allows one's own creations to be used. There has been a rediscovery and reuse of long-forgotten materials.

Modellers who have left their mark

The sculptor Richard Sierra is one of the best known of his generation. His works combine Corten steel plates and lead to give an impression of heaviness to the spectators. Jean Antoine Houdon, on the other hand, amazed his audience with his busts and statues from the Age of Enlightenment. His most popular works were undoubtedly those of Rousseau, Franklin, Voltaire, Diderot and Napoleon I, as well as of himself. After his death, his busts were used to instruct new artists in the mastery of facial expression.
More recent artists such as Robert Morris have used the natural mobility of felt to create more sensual forms. Contemporary art embellishes these materials with raw materials, glass, mirrors, liquid crystals, paper mache to create a new contemporary sculpture.

The sculptors who are making a name for themselves

At Carré d'artistes, you will find talented sculptors who differ by their style. Frédéric Fortuné's polished and varnished copper bust is a surprising contemporary sculpture that attracts the eye at first glance irresistibly. Born into a family of art enthusiasts, this artist has been immersed in creative practices since his early childhood. This contemporary art combines resin and metal, but copper remains his favourite material. Zed's Flexo work continues to make its way. We find him in many different colours and postures. Floh sends us colourful representations from an imaginary world.

These evoke the joy of childhood, thus interpreting a message of humour and cheerfulness. Like his father or grandfather, a welder and metalworker, Nikola Vudrag preferred to work with metal as art. The artist draws his inspiration from disciplines such as theology, philosophy, mathematics, anthropology and science. To date, Vudrag is one of Croatia's outstanding specialists.

Here you can find all our unpublished contemporary works, ranging from small to large, and coming straight from the imagination of our artists from all over the world.
From bodies to faces, through the originality of shapes and subjects, let yourself be guided and surprised by the technicality of our artists!

Carré d'artistes is the largest community of art lovers in Europe, our contemporary artists are numerous and offer various styles, themes and techniques to bring you choice.
You will also find specialists such as wood sculptors, but also metal sculptures, bronze statues, pop art, abstract sculpture on the site and in the art galleries. 

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