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Di Vicino Gaudio Alessandro | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Di Vicino Gaudio Alessandro | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Di Vicino Gaudio Alessandro
  • Italy
  • Painter

I try to recreate the great upheavals of our time and their influence on humanity in my paintings.
Alessandro Di Vicino explores the fields of technology, the digital age, and modern transformations. An artist characteristic of his generation and trained painter, he tries to transcribe the great movements of our world and their influences on humankind into his tableaus – the arrival of the internet, the development of video games, IT, and the arrival of smartphones, so many mutations in the devices that man has created to be entertained but also informed.
Change and movement are therefore the two areas that interest the artist, who, as a result, decided to add a performance element to his research to give the gesture the spontaneity of the moment but also the urgency of expression. He therefore works during events, concerts or spectacles, trying to grasp the phenomenon of transformation.
Alessandro Di Vicino is passionate about street art and mural painting and envisages his stand as a fresco and the space in the tableau as a vignette, which incorporates itself into a series. The artist’s works are a sort of story board which depicts action and mimics time, presenting itself like the showing of a film. The entire present work gives the impression of a transformation in process, from the treatment of the acrylic, the features which border on the comical and realism, to the texture, marks, colours and rubbing.
His last series, "Organic and Bionic", approaches this idea of contamination, between humankind and technology, but also between painting and video, the substitution of functions, between the realisation of the greatest dreams and most serious mistakes of a world of humans that have become robots.
  • 2023
    Personal exhibition 'NOT ORDINARY TIMES' at Palazzo del Pegaso, Consiglio Regionale Toscana
    Florence, Italy
  • 2019
    Personal exhibition 'BEAUTIFUL MINDS' at Floris Art Gallery
    Milan, Italy
  • 2018
    Personal exhibition 'Nuntio vobis Gaudio-DEADLY SINS-The mirror of a society' at Studio Bolzani Art Gallery
    Milan, Italy
  • 2016
    Personal exhibition 'Hybrids' at Schubert Art Gallery
    Milan, Italy
  • 1985
    Naples, Italy
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