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Atalanta Vanessa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Atalanta Vanessa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Atalanta Vanessa
  • France
  • Painter

The artist forges himself (...) halfway between the beauty he cannot do without and the community he cannot tear himself away from. Albert Camus
Sensitive and inventive, Vanessa is a young designer who has been passionate about the plastic arts since childhood. Curious and self-taught, she explores several fields, including drawing, pastels, acrylics, sewing and jewelry-making. After a career in human resources, she painted her first canvases and created luminous frames. In 2021, she met Marie-Françoise Buzelin, who supported and guided her towards her artistic style: paper-cutting. Now a full-time artist, Vanessa also accompanies young people in their first professional steps.
In life as in her art, Vanessa explores human relations and our relationships with others and the environment. With a style full of curves and interlacing, she evokes the liberated expression of feelings trapped in a society confined by judgment and control. Inspired by traditional Japanese kirigami and Western canivet, the artist reinterprets the cut-paper technique. First sketched in pencil, her canvases are finely profiled with a scalpel in a single colored sheet before being meticulously mounted on an immaculate background. She admires sharp, detailed creations like those by Valentine Louafi. Between precision and sensitivity, Vanessa's creations capture our most beautiful moments of emotion, as fleeting as they are precious.
  • 2022
    Full-time artist
    Towers, France
  • 2021
    Corporate HR
    Esvres, France
  • 2019
    Start paper cutting
    Veurey-Voroize, France
  • 1989
    Chambray les Tours, France
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