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Animals in art

- 19/01/2022

A collection of paintings dedicated to animals

Did you know? On Tuesday, February 1, the Chinese New Year will usher in the Year of the Water Tiger!

Symbol of spiritual communication, this benevolent and lively animal inspires a collection of paintings highlighting animals. Tigers, but also lions, giraffes and rhinos will fill up the walls of our galleries and our website from January 20 to February 2... Enough to awaken the animal within you! 

Artists crazy about animals!

For this collection placed under the sign of the Water Tiger, Carré d'artistes has brought together bold painters, who do not hesitate to dip their brushes in the ink of the jungle (and the barnyard!) to represent all sorts of animals.
Travel with Alice Locoge's parrot, magnificent with its black and white coat painted on a blue background, with a powerful and explosive red!
Antoine Seuro, paints stunning face-to-face encounters with tigers, gorillas along with melancholic eyes, elephants, and caracals with pointy ears...
Technique enthusiasts shall appreciate the work of Dias, who knows how to bring bears, pandas, and chimpanzees to life through dexterity – all in just a few strokes…
On the other side of the palette, two artists with surreal and cheerful ideas reinvent animal representation in their own way: Pascal Lionnet invites giant pink flamingos and graceful peacocks on beaches where a few onlookers stroll... We can easily imagine Ann R’s work in a child’s room, her rabbits with superhero capes are simply irresistible! 


Art history update: Rosa Bonheur, queen of 2022! 

Along with her superstar name, Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) is above all one of the most famous female artists in the history of art. She stood out, due to her very fine work of animal painting, representing herds of cows, sheep and horses with a great sense of realism. Good news: two major exhibitions will be devoted to her this year, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, her hometown, but also at the Musée d'Orsay.

Roaring animal in the limelight: the Tiger!

A ferocious carnivore with a striped coat, the tiger is a mythical animal found throughout Asia, but its species is currently protected. More than a living being among others, the tiger is a very important Chinese zodiac sign, which shall mark the year 2022. In short, the year of the Water Tiger is conducive to change: if you want to start from scratch and begin a new life based on new foundations, now is the time! Perhaps, why not even begin a career as an independent artist?

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