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Who is Corine Pagny?

- 24/03/2022

Who is Corine Pagny?

To paint, Corine Pagny needs movement, celebration and music. Her portraits are definitely alive.

In her new collection, the artist reinvents herself, adding, one thing leading to another, flowers and poetic shapes embroidered on her initially bare characters. Yes, we can say that she has dressed them with relief and lace, mixing styles and going off the beaten track. 

You understood it, here, you will discover Pagny as you have never seen her before... 

 1.    Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What is your background? 
I have been an artist for over 20 years. After a traditional training at ENSAAMA Paris, I worked as a designer for about twenty years, then I made the choice to devote myself completely in pure drawing..

2.    How did your vocation as an artist emerge? 
It’s not about a vocation, but about life choices.

3.    How does a painting session take place? What is the creation process for one of your works?
I mainly work with live models, who pose with music and often in motion. I need this "ceremonial" element to create.

4.    What are your artistic inspirations, influences, and references?
My favorite subject is the human being, live models, carnivals, or others. My influences, or rather my "masters" are teachers that I had the chance to meet during my studies and during exciting internships. Am a fan of Schiele, Lydie Arickx, Guillaume Delorme and Yolanda Hessenbruch, among others, Yo and Yo&Co duo, of which I am the Co.

5.    What is your relationship to the themes that are portrayed in your paintings? 
It’s about genuine encounters.

6.    What do the colors you use mean? 
The color is almost non-existent in my work, I mainly use gold ink whose pigments highlight a pen stroke.

7.    What was the best piece of advice given to you as an artist? 
« Forget about ease »

8.    Can you tell us something about yourself that people might be surprised to hear?: 
I have just moved to Picardy, resumed my roots, for a project that is very important to me: to create a "house-workshop" where drawing and artistic practices will be in the limelight.

9.    Talk to us about your embroidery collection? What were your inspirations? 
It all started in Dubai a few years ago, I exhibited drawings of dancers there, dressed, out of respect for the local culture, until the day I met an haute couture embroiderer with whom I began a collaboration. The latter’s small, embroidered pieces veiled the nudity of my usual designs. For this "capsule" for Carré d'artistes, I took up this principle with embroidered Calais lace that underlines and accompanies drawing.




    10.    What does the mixture of paint and textiles mean to you? 
    For this series: a contemporary touch added to the academic practice of drawing.

    11.    What message or emotions do you want to convey through this new artwork? 
    I have no message to convey through this series, but as always I would like to trigger sweet and precious emotions.

    12.    An anecdote you would like to share? 
    A few years ago, I had the chance to go to the Carré d'artistes gallery in Seoul for a "dedication". The gallery owner gave me the pleasure of organizing a "demonstration" with a model, by inviting an involved Korean artist like me in this practice: MOOKWON KIM, she invited me the next day to her studio for a wonderful session.

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