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Let's Party!

- 01/06/2021
France has gotten a breather since May 19th: after six months of lock down, museums, restaurants and concert halls open their doors again. Finally! This good news gave us the desire to celebrate the joy through a thematic collection, to be discovered from 1st until 14th June in galleries and on our website. Music on the way!

Festive contemporary art

Nobody is an artist without the art of living. This is the reason why often painters and sculptors are incorrigible partygoers. Amateurs of music, dance, and fine food, they are able to celebrate life and creation at the same time! Sensitive to the time which goes by and doesn’t come back, they wonderfully illustrate the expression Carpe diem and encourage us to make the most of every minute, by exacerbating our attention to the world and miracles. They were under glass for months, their language made up of images and colors, is once again expressed in our June collection! 




Among the artists chosen for this occasion, Nicole Garilli. A French painter, she grew up in a vibrant environment as her father was a cabaret musician. Her paintings highlight a festive atmosphere: colorful musicians, jazz singers and ballroom scenes are depicted in her paintings, filled with movements and warm colors. There paintings are easily hung on the walls of a café or a dancing bar! 

De Secondigné comes from Argentina and is a figurative painter, he stands out through his style: he makes up scenes portraying circus, dances and shows through balance, playing with delimited outlines and strong contrasts. His characters? Musicians, acrobats, elephants, and horses…They are beautifully paced, his paintings express a joy for melancholic accents. 

Dance amateurs, you’re going to love the work by Istraille! A French painter, Istraille began to teach himself painting at the age of 17. His paintings have an urban background, with all sorts or dancers: classic in tutu, urbans in sweatshirts, traditional dancers with long dresses…Caught during intense movements, his models are extremely alive and it feels as if they are on the verge of coming out of the painting!

Colors are highlighted with Dubost, a French painter as well. He has strong strokes, along with varied subjects and his works are often portraits, filled with joy. He doesn’t hesitate combining opposite colors and producing bright and sensual compositions, just like a couple caught in the movement, while doing the Cuban salsa or a young girl in red on a swing. A delight for the eyes. 

As for Sergi Mestres, the Spanish artist of our collection, he has a knack at re-looking the greatest pop culture figures: Audrey Hepburn, Asterix and Obelix or even Jean-Michel Basquiat are painted in an explosive manner, through a street art inspiration. Along with spray paint and acrylic splinters, Sergi Mestres fills his work with crazy energy- which is really contagious! A genuine party for the senses. 




There are several parties in the history of art…Often in Ancient Western art, it takes up the form of mythological bacchanalia. Great Nicolas Poussin illustrated this well through his Bacchanale près d’une statue de Pan (1635), which aligns his characters through exhilarating borders; intoxicated, twisted in dance, the characters reflect the image of elation and debauchery. The painter’s look is amusing and critical at the same time. 

Two centuries later, Auguste Renoir painted the very joyful Bal du moulin de la Galette in 1876, and paid attention to realism: he depicted his characters of those days, gathered during a sunny afternoon in a trendy sport for those times. The scene is dazzling, due to a shrewd eye on light…This really makes us want to join them! 


More recently, the contemporary painter Thomas Lévy-Lasne turned party into a leitmotiv without grace: his hyper-realistic paintings portray scenes in nightclubs, like flash takes, tables flooded with bottles and toppled glasses along with clumsy dances. Of course, one does recognize parties where we spend our Saturday evenings…But he illustrates this, without kindness, in a mocking and obscure manner. Ouch! 

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