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- 07/07/2022

Traveler artwork …


How about following us all summer on the road to freedom?

The desire for fresh air is more intense than ever, Carré d'artistes has brought together its most adventurous artists, through a summer collection, for a change of scenery which is more pictorial than ever. The idea? Grant yourself a real breather and resume the desire to travel the world, through art – the most beautiful means of transport, that could ever exist!

"Nothing behind me and everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road", wrote the famous and very inspiring adventurer, Jack Kerouac. Our artists are unique and talented personalities, they have come up with beautiful getaways for you. They invite you on the deck of a boat, aboard a Californian van or... simply, on a skateboard. Through precise or fiery brushstrokes, they give shape and color to crazy getaways, which highlight a superb elsewhere.

Some focus on giving life to inhabited summer landscapes, amid joyful dives in the water and palm trees dancing away, in the hot wind. They tickle our memories and talk about a present that is lived freely and explored joyfully. One can perceive the bluish sky of the day, which is spent by the sea, through their moving artwork, or the pink shimmers of a sunset.

Discover the world and feel the air of freedom by exploring this collection, which is dedicated to travel, present in our galleries and on our website: you will definitely find unique artwork to hang in your living room.... To provide your daily life, and the winter that always comes too quickly, with the look of an eternal journey! 

These artists who take us on a crazy journey 


Ready for a great trip? Take out your boarding pass with S4M, an artist from Alsace who paints faces and silhouettes on recovered geographical maps. The artist’s approach is original, and this is how he creates unique works, which talk about our ties with territories, that are in constant exploration.

If you like movement, take the time to discover Cécile Desserle, a painter who is passionate about action painting. The artist has maintained a taste for free strokes while painting her subjects, through this famous American invention carried by Jackson Pollock: crazy hair, lively swaying…The gaze dances with her brush!

Landscape lovers will still linger over the artwork of Franck Hébert: the latter invites us to the sea, through an almost-abstract vision of boats slitting the paint, just like the waves... Last but not least, in the vein of portraits, Istraille takes us far, quite far. With the shimmering colors and profiles found all over the globe, the artist has a knack at turning faces into real landscapes. Isn't the encounter with the other, the most beautiful aspect of journeys? 

The art history review: a traveling artist … Delacroix  


If there were many Orientalist painters during the 19th century who painted portraits and landscapes of distant places that they had never seen before, Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) had actually gone to Morocco... And brought back sublime watercolors, which remained famous for their intimate and delicate visions of a country, that was very little known those days. How to see them? A book has brought these all together, published by the Bibliothèque de l’Image: «Delacroix. Voyage au Maroc. Aquarelles ». Pamper yourself with this, before setting off on the road!
Unique art for...

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