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Opt for street art animals paintings in your decoration

Since their appearance in the artistic and decorative world, street art paintings have left a rela mark. Lately, the new trend of this style of painting in vogue in the exhibition halls is based on landscapes and animal frames deeply atypical. However, they immerse us in the incredibly realistic world of the Amazon rainforest to the Savannah. This style of paintings could be perfect for your decoration. Thanks to this article, you can judge for yourself. 


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painting street art animals


The decoration of a room, a bedroom, a store or even an agency is achieved through the use of one or more embellishing objects. Among these tools of ornamentation, we distinguish the paintings of art which play a primordial role in the ornamentation. In fact, they are flat surface supports made of different kinds of materials. They have various shapes and sizes with the particularity of wearing any artistic work. In this panoply of decorative paintings, we identify the paintings street art animals. These are specifically paintings that highlight the value of living beings constituting the fauna. This article aims to give you good information on the different categories of this kind of painting, their usefulness as well as their authenticity.



Contemporary animal paintings: these are artistic works that bring out the extraordinary and surreal aspect of animals. They are pure products of the artists' reflexion and present unusual features.

Pop art animal paintings: they differ from other types of paintings by their uniqueness. These paintings are especially appreciated for their ability to capture the attention of human beings. They allow the designers who are the artists to enhance their imaginative powers. They bring a particular touch to the way of drawing, painting and even arranging the painted animal in the frame which is appropriate to him.

Abstract animal paintings: these paintings emphasize the unreal world, i.e. the imaginary world. Thus, the artists conceive these paintings by referring to their inventive spirit. They attribute to the animals shapes, fur colors and even living environments different from what we usually see. The ultimate goal is to enhance the animal by highlighting aspects that are not directly visible to the eye.


The importance of the animal street art

A street art painting of animals plays several roles. It is a source of inspiration, motivation that can change your mood and the appearance of your living environment. When it highlights a dog for example, it symbolizes security and the presence of a good companion. A lion on the other hand inspires the strength to overcome when faced with a bad situation and also the possession of power.

 At the same time, a cheetah motivates, in search of a better situation, a never ending race in the quest for happiness. An elephant allows you to realize how intelligent you are, a whale enhances the greatness that a man possesses and a torture majors the patience without which you cannot carry out your activities.

However, it is important to know where to place a street art painting of animals. It all depends on how you feel about the painting, the role it will play in your home or office and the visibility you want it to have. This category of painting brings a plus to the decoration of your home. Able to radically change the appearance of a room by giving it another face, these paintings are simply and purely extraordinary.


Process of acquisition of this type of painting

To acquire paintings made by renowned artists, well painted, original and of good quality, Carré d'artistes offers its services. It is a worldwide art network that includes more than thirty galleries around the world. Based mainly in France, the goal of this gallery is to help you improve the aesthetics of your home by touching up the decoration. To acquire a painting, you just have to visit one of our galleries or visit our website, then select the one that suits you best. You have the possibility to pay by one of the payment methods offered to you and the shipment is made twenty-four hours after the validation of your order.




Several paintings made by qualified painters are at your disposal. It is for example the painting ST29 realized by the famous Hasson Michel. It is a mixed figurative painting animals of dimensions thirty-six centimeters on thirty-six centimeters. It is a work made in several copies that comes with a certificate of authenticity and sold at an affordable price. We can also list the soft painting of the French artist-painter Morales Geraldine. It is a figurative oil painting of animals measuring twenty-five centimeters by twenty-five centimeters and available at an affordable price. In addition, we can notify the future animal painting. An authentic work designed by the famous French artist Puce. It is a mixed pop art painting of animals. Apart from those mentioned, there are a variety of paintings that can be delivered to you unframed or with a frame of your choice due to your purchasing power.


Some styles used by artists to create a painting

Apart from the styles used to paint identified above, there are three other ways in which painters proceed.

painting street art animals

Thus, we have :

The figurative paintings: they put forward concrete representations. They are real portraits of animals.

 Illustration paintings: this kind of painting accompanies most of the time a text which is in connection with the represented image.

Singular art paintings: they value the realization of painting on any support. Its objective is to make decorative art versatile.

All in all, it is important to remember that a street art painting of animals is very useful in terms of embellishment, because it highlights the assets not taken into account and neglected of any room. It highlights the hidden and ignored aspects of a wall decoration. It is dazzling and therefore attracts everyone's attention, making your home a unique place to live. This type of painting has a teleportation capacity that makes you travel in time through various horizons.



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