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Which artwork to choose for one's home?

- 12/03/2020
artwork in interior salon
It's important to carefully choose one’s decoration…With beautiful furniture, but that is not it: a few family photos too and then artwork!  How to choose? Carrée d'artistes tells you everything!


It’s one of the first things to know in the world of art: regardless of your knowledge, trust yourself! You hate an artist that everyone loves? Good for you! This means you have a critical mind and are independent. You like a painting which makes your best friend wince? This isn’t a problem as you’re able to see the beauty and intensity of this work, which you like so much.

An artwork does not say anything, doesn’t explain much. It is a mystery, an essential enigma of life and pleasure. At times, when you gaze at a painting, you think about a memory or a faint feeling…This can trigger a thrill-to put it otherwise, a heart stopper! In which case, don’t hesitate for a second. As one doesn’t get bored of an artwork, it’s like a good friend who accompanies you for life. One hangs it on the wall, one moves it, one hangs it again, in another room, with another wall. And it always has this spark, which makes us quiver.

decoration interior salon artwork


Buying artwork can be triggered due to a heart stopper, but nothing prevents you from having a few ideas in your mind. First of all, there is the size: for a small room like a bedroom, think about little formats. At Carré d’artistes, the smallest format we offer is 13 x 13 cm (95 euros). It’ll go perfectly in your intimate spots: above a bedside table, next to a vase, on a shelf of books.

If your living room is big, don’t hesitate further expanding the space, by putting a large format canvas! Our biggest format is 120 x 120 cm (3250 euros): perfect to make an impact on your guests, if you have some space on the wall or under a high ceiling! Carré d’artistes also sells a vertical rectangular format (40 x 120 cm) or a horizontal format (120 x 40 cm), ideal if you want a slender or panoramic painting, it’ll make your room more atypical than ever.

Don’t forget to think about the colors of your interior: a yellow artwork will reverberate rather well, with a blue couch-these are the colors that History of Art often combined, and which provide finesse and joy. Same between a raw wood table and a red sculpture-in this case, you really value the warm aspect of your home.

By offering you a regularly enriched catalog of more than 600 artists, Carré d’artistes invites you to walk around our galleries or browse through our website, looking for your very own firm favorite. Nothing is more fulfilling than offering oneself a bunch of emotions!

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