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Emily Ellsworth | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Emily Ellsworth | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Emily Ellsworth
  • United States of America (the)
  • Sculptor

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness. - Anni Albers
For 35 years, Emily has devoted herself to the piano as a solo artist, accompanist, and teacher. In 2022, on a post-pandemic whim, she enrolled in her first glass blowing class. Next to having her four children, it was the best decision she ever made. She loves the speed and intensity required to manipulate hot glass and finds great satisfaction when her efforts yield something beautiful. Whether it's through her music or glass sculpting, she loves the feeling of getting lost in the creative process and seeing the joy her art brings to others.
Inspired by her love for her home state of Arizona, Emily enjoys making hand-blown cacti and coyote gourds. And her solid glass elephants are a tribute to her favorite childhood stuffed elephant that brought her countless hours of happiness. She loves bright, cheery colors and will always gravitate to working with pink glass when given the chance!
  • 2022
    Began blowing and sculpting hot glass
    Arizona, United States of America (the)
  • 2000
    Became a mother
    Minnesota, United States of America (the)
  • 1993
    Began 30+ year piano teaching career
    Arizona, United States of America (the)
  • 1988
    Began exploring the arts through private music education
    Arizona, United States of America (the)
  • 1978
    Arizona, United States of America (the)
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