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Novarino Fabien | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Novarino Fabien | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Novarino Fabien
He could wide my field of exploration by turning towards resolutely different locations.
Originally from Savoie, Fabien spent his childhood at the heart of the mountains where he devoted himself to the pleasures of drawing, painting and model making. He would then move to the south of France with his family. His love for large spaces would therefore be disrupted by this radical change, both in terms of climate and landscape. This new settlement would heavily influence him and definitively fix his determination to become a painter. He would pursue literary studies and assiduously frequent museums and exhibitions before embracing a commercial career. Aged 27, he stopped his professional career to dedicate himself exclusively to the pursuit of his childhood passion. Initially close to the Provencal school, he produced many canvases with different figurative subjects, ranging from landscapes from his region to representations of scenes from everyday life. He would then wide his field of exploration turning towards resolutely different locations with marked contrasts such as New York, Paris or even Morocco.
Since 2010, Fabien has integrated photography into his bright and expressive paintings, evolving his pictorial work towards a more contemporary language. From personal or professional clichés acquired in offices, Fabien designs original graphic works that come from the Neo Pop style - a worthy successor to the Pop Art movement born in the 1950s. Produced from a subtle mixture of collages, drawings and stencils, his canvases are inspired by icons of American and French cinema, modern urbanism and the world of comics. Firmly contemporary, his art is a true homage to the society of entertainment.
  • 2021
    A. Leadouze Gallery in Paris, France
  • 1993
    Participation in the French artists art fair
    Grand Palais in Paris, France
  • 1963
    Chambéry , France
(15 Artworks)

15 Artworks

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