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Jiménez Conesa Francisco | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Jiménez Conesa Francisco | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Jiménez Conesa Francisco
  • Spain
  • Painter

My painting is like a diary. I can express all my feelings: my dreams, joys, sorrows, loves...
As a child, Francisco saw his mother drawing and painting and felt instinctively attracted to the arts. He joined the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, taking drawing and painting courses and some modelling and sculpture. Initially, Francisco drew in pencil, gradually moving to watercolour, which his uncle introduced to him and taught him the basics. At the time, the subjects of his works were surreal and dreamlike. He worked the drawings meticulously in pen and then added colour with watercolours. Little by little, colour became more important and the amount of drawing was reduced. Today he works exclusively with abstract forms, each freer than the last. When he was around 30 years old, Francisco settled in a small town in the Sierra de Madrid to escape the pace of the city and find peace. This new life changed his way of painting; his subjects, his colour palette, using more organic and natural textures that were closer to the earth, stones and figures he found in his surroundings.
Francisco has always been attracted by fog and its ability to draw silhouettes, to bring forth new forms or to appease the power of certain colours. Francisco always uses a mixed technique. The basis of his work is done in acrylic paint and then combined with different types of pencil work, more or less bold depending on what the work demands. A significant part is occupied by collage, which helps him to complete his work by adding elements evoking great importance. The artist plays at finding the most suitable paper and its place in the work. Francisco's painting is like a diary in which he expresses all his feelings: his dreams, joys, sorrows, loves ...
  • 2011
    Participation in the ArtMadrid art fair
    Madrid, Spain
  • 2000
    Participation in the Artist Celebration
    Milan, Italy
  • 1978
    Enrolled in the School of Fine Art
    Madrid, Spain
  • 1956
    Madrid, Spain
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