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LU | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography


  • Russian Federation (the)
  • Painter
Originally from Vladimir, a city located in the historical center of Russia, Lucy has been interested in painting since she was very young. Her practice is thus influenced by street art, which attracts her particularly. She then tried her hand at figurative art. At the same time, Lucy works as a graphic designer for the television industry, creating characters and animated universes. Gradually, she turned her charismatic characters from the world of digital graphics into real paintings or ceramic figurines. Since then, she has devoted herself entirely to the creation of paintings and has her own studio where she can indulge her passion in complete peace.
Lucy considers solitude to be an important element in her creative process. She isolates herself in her studio to give life to her works using canvas, cardboard and oils. The Russian painter gives a very important place in her creations to the representation of women. These women, who exude confidence and power, are a representation of the artist, but they also have the purpose of questioning the viewer. Lucy also works a lot on the details and backgrounds of her paintings in order to translate the immensity of nature, while bringing openness and softness through pastel and natural tones.
  • Russian Federation (the)


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