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Moogly | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Moogly | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter

The cynic is the one who never sees a good quality in man and never fails to see a flaw in him.
Passionate about drawing and graphic design since childhood, Moogly found the beginnings of his style at the Intuit Lab Paris school the year he turned 20. He also discovered his affinity for the subject of bestiary by revisiting the cover of a Pink Floyd album, illustrated by the crossing of a cow and a pig with a cyclops head. The first "Moogly" was born. He keeps his nickname of musician irsute, that his friends had naturally attributed to him in his music group and devotes himself from 2004 to his career of graphic designer / independent artist.
Humanizing animals to deanimate humans; this is how the painter brings us closer to our animal friends. Our supremacy, whose consequences are often talked about, is thus mocked through animal representations, with human attitudes. Here, the artist seeks to give credit to animals, both to value them and to make them respected, while wanting to make us think about our place in the world.
At the beginning of his career, Moogly was fascinated by Ralph Steadman, an English illustrator with a trashy style characterized by the squeaking of feathers. The artist was inspired by him and found his own writing in this style. Jackson Pollock inspired him with his "dripping" technique (projection of paint) which he used to give life to his animals.
The artist uses a mixed technique composed of acrylic paint, Indian ink, natural pigments, collage and lacquer. Since 2019, he is evolving his technique with more material by using a kind of resin.
Composed of materials and textures, his characters are alive, lively and expressive. One can almost always find the artist's signature: metallic bulging eyes and paint projections.
  • 2020
    Vernissage et performance live en galerie Carré d'artistes
    Paris, France
  • 2014
    Installation dans son atelier
    Montreuil, France
  • 2008
    Exposition au Musée des Avelines
    Saint-Cloud, France
  • 2002
    Naissance de son premier animal
    -, France
  • 1981
    Clichy-la-Garenne, France
(62 Artworks)

62 Artworks

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