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Ortis-Bommarito Nicole | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Ortis-Bommarito Nicole | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Ortis-Bommarito Nicole
  • France
  • Painter

Always true to my passion, I ignore trends and fashions; I play with the colors, I listen to the wind, the waves ...
. The self-taught artist trained with painters from the Marseilles school to acquire technique and knowledge . Nicole's figurative and expressive paintings are imbued with her state of mind and sensitivity, which she loves to convey to her public. Her main interest is in marine representations. By integrating a part of herself into her subjects, each canvas is a fragment of sharing between the artist and the viewer, who can then write their own story.
The power of her canvases conveys energy, light and life.
Nicole studied the skill of using oil paint for a long time and today she has opted to use a mix of oil paint and acrylic for her canvases - the characteristics inherent in the drying process of acrylic paint fit the needs of the artist who moves quickly. Nicole is drawn to the emotion and poetry that emanate from a work of art, and she admires paintings by Amadeo Modigliani or Michel Sementzeff for the way they treat light and the singular atmosphere that comes from their creations. She never makes sketches before starting to paint. She lets the painting express her gestures on the canvas in the moment and thus leaves room for the unexpected and unpredictable. By combining materials and transparencies, Nicole interprets her subjects softly and with a sense of harmony by integrating a part of herself.
  • 2018
    Exhibition at the Régates Royales event
    Cannes, France
  • 2017
    Signing session at the Carré d'artistes Shangai gallery
    Shanghai, China
  • 2001
    Published the work
    Ulysse publishing company, France
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