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ART CURATOR - Portraits and nudes specialist


Octavie is very passionate about art. However, after completing her degree in applied arts, she found herself, somewhat by chance, in the import-export business. In 2022, she was recruited as a logistics assistant, but her natural artistic talent was quickly noticed by the artistic director, who offered her a position as an art curator.

As an artist herself, she accompanies the artists with a great understanding of their needs. Having always been immersed in art, it was natural that she found her place at Carré d'artistes.

She finds her inspiration in all styles, with a special fondness for the work of bodies and portraits.

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Body and soul by Octavie


What does your job involve? 
Carré d'artistes adventure started at the logistics platform a little over a year ago and I was lucky enough to join the Artistic Department at the end of that same year. My job is to find artists but also to highlight them in the gallery. In addition, I also take care of the promotion of the works on the website. I regularly try to make new and harmonious proposals and to promote new and established artists.

What do you like the most about your work?
What I like best about my job is the relationship we have with the artists but also between colleagues within the art department. It’s a job with a very important human side to it. I cherish every day I spend discovering new artists and new works. It is also incredible to discover new paths and new developments through our work and that of the galleries.

Where does your passion for art come from?
I have always been immersed in art because of my mother. She encouraged me at a very young age and allowed me to educate myself through art books. So it makes sense that I turned to applied arts studies from high school that I pursued up to my college degree. The artist who inspires me the most is Berthe Morisot for her mastery of light and her undeniable place within Impressionism. There is also the visual artist Annette Messager who never stops questioning the body and its place in society.

An anecdote to share with us, something you will never forget?
I think the best anecdote I can share is the day I anonymously submitted my personal works to the Carré d'artistes selection committee. I was thrilled to see my application being carefully analyzed by my colleagues and accepted! I still haven’t realized and am infinitely grateful. I can't wait to experience what’s coming next !

Which style affects you particularly ?
I have always been fascinated by Impressionism and Nabism. The softness that comes out of them is what particularly touches me. It is this gentleness that I like to find in portraits and in more intimate scenes.

An artist from Carré d’artistes whose work you particularly like?
One artist whose work I particularly admire is Coco Rohart. Her references and her appropriation of colours fascinate me. In my eyes, she succeeds in modernizing academic art with power. With her works you are immediately transported to a period, a scene, you feel the movement just by looking at them. She is an incredible artist.

If you had to describe Carré d’artistes in 3 words :
Discovery, for the artists and their works that we have the chance to come by every day. Each artist that approaches us or that we find is a new adventure for them and for us. Evolution, for these artists whose style develops over time and stages of life. It is an invaluable opportunity to witness the metamorphosis. Adventure, for all these talented artists who join us. It is also a personal and professional adventure for me, as it is the first time I have a job I am passionate about and that motivates me every day.

Why do you think art is important? 
In my opinion, all the arts are essential. Art allows us to transmit an emotion both for the person who conceives it and for the person who contemplates it. It keeps memory alive and keeps the artists alive, long after they have gone.
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