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A second life through art !

- 16/03/2022
Did you know that Friday March 18, 2022, was recycling day? An opportunity to think about your consumption habits, but that’s not it! Many artists are passionate about waste materials, which they recover and showcase through super-inventive works. This is why Carré d'artistes has come up with a collection of artworks that put recycling and upcycling in the limelight. You can enjoy these at our galleries and on our website from March 17 to 30! 

Contemporary art and recycling: a wonderful combination  

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. During the 18th century, the chemist Antoine Lavoisier formulated a fundamental rule for all creators: you are never more inspired than by what already exists, and which is influenced with life! This is precisely what unites the artists of this special recycling collection.

You must see the abstract compositions that Gérard Clisson creates from strips of torn paper: playing with shadow and light, his colorful works are soaked with sensitivity and definitely touch you right in the heart. 

A more lyrical style, Sophie Costa highlights old soda cans, tubes of paint or even audio cassettes through super-pop compositions. Nothing better to feel awakened! 

And if Nathalie Molla likes to paint directly on recovered wooden planks, Lovisa uses recycling in a more composite way, creating collages from various objects: banknotes, pieces of metal, different sorts of images...

Last but not least, Dan Casado works with authentic pieces of life: scraps of newspapers and magazines that he covers with paint, bringing life to unique characters with gloomy eyes. 



    History of art section: the New Realists, kings of recycling

    The artists of the New Realists, reunited from 1960 to 1963, have one thing in common: they love to recycle used materials and give them a second life! Jean Tinguely manufactures devilish squeaking machines from wheels and salvaged metal, Arman clumps together musical instruments, César compresses cars, Daniel Spoerri freezes end of meal tables and places them vertically… If the subject appeals to you, well you’re lucky: a major retrospective devoted to Spoerri is currently displayed at the MAMAC in Nice!
    Unique art for...

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