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Carefully selected artworks 


To avoid missing out on any new talent, the art curators at Carré d’artistes discover and select promising artists, at times new graduates from art schools and promote expert artists of today.

Whether they are painters, sculptors, illustrators, they practice abstraction, figuration or street art, the 600 artists supported and sold by our gallery owners, are carefully selected with great attention and each of their works are unique and conscientiously considered, in order to guarantee technical excellence.

But if Carré d’artistes dreams big and takes root all over the world, the quality of our works remains our priority!

Our artists are supported and accompanied


It’s a love story which has been going on since 20 years. We collaborate with our 600 artists on a daily basis, whom we wholeheartedly defend, to better accompany them on the path of creation.

The core of our philosophy? A privileged relationship with each one of them not to mention loyal support, both human and financial. Whether they are young or experienced, Carré d’artistes gives each one of them the same attention but also offers them great visibility.

So that you can discover unique works, created with passion and then exhibited with love!

Give meaning to your decoration


Whether it’s during a move together, a child’s arrival or a change of life, the way you organize your decoration, is a reflection of your tastes and way of being. Cozy and comfortable or graphic and refined, it needs to be personalized, to offer a living environment which is a reflection of yourself. This is the reason why art, and expertise at Carré d’artistes, can help you and guide you with your unique choices, which shall make your walls stand out, compared to the ones of your friends’. Then, forget about the major retailers of the classic decor! Support living artists, who strive to give substance to beauty. What better future for a nail than to hold a painting created with love?

Unique art for...

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