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Paint me, i'm famous : A tribute to famous paintings

- 15/04/2022
For this April, Carré d'artistes has rustled up a collection of artworks, passionate about famous paintings!

Between tradition and modernity


What would the artists of today be without those of yesterday? 

This month, Carré d'artistes wants to highlight the links that unite its painters and visual artists with the history of art. There are many quotations and nods to famous paintings in this collection of artworks, that proclaims a love for art.

Given that museums need to see their visitors more than ever, it is important to showcase their precious collections! Not to mention, to show the dynamism of today's artists, whose artworks are just waiting to find a new refuge: at your place.

A collection with a nod to famous paintings

If you like classic paintings, you will love the work of Karine Romanelli, who resumes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring in her own way, to turn it into a young lady of today, which is disturbingly appealing with her blue turban! Paxal, as well, takes up famous large paintings, but through devastating humour: the peasants represented by Millet in the 19th century begin a discussion, Vermeer's Milkmaid cribs…

Nathalie Molla enjoys running wild with Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, transforming her into a street art icon! A painting that one could easily imagine in a teenager's room. Lional Valot is inspired by the strange universe of Salvador Dali and creates rather unique landscapes.

As for Gérard Clisson, he enjoys resuming the geometric compositions of Mondrian by bringing his very personal touch, through torn papers. And if Misako turns Botticelli's Venus into a pop star with a plunging neckline, Medeya Lemdiya makes the Mona Lisa fall asleep! Humor and joy of art are on the agenda of this collection, between pictorial tradition and modernity!

    The art history review: What is the most diverted artwork? 

    It goes without saying that the most diverted artwork in the world is also the most famous one: the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci! And its most emblematic diversion is signed Marcel Duchamp, a facetious artist of the Dada movement: in 1930, he added a mustache to it and a roguish inscription: “L.H.O.O.Q”

    Unique art for...

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