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Feng Shui contemporary art

- 08/11/2021
Presentation of the of the Zen art collection and Feng shui paintings

Our collection of Feng Shui paintings

Feng Shui is really popular today in the decoration and interior architecture realm, one can also find it in artworks. Feng Shui contemporary art exists, when paintings are sincere and are genuine calls for meditation and well-being. 

What is Feng Shui?

You’ve already heart about it but you don’t really know what it means? Feng Shui is an ancestral Chinese art of living, which favors relaxation and well-being. This art of living can mostly be found through the inner layouts at our home, through the aim to resume harmony, a balance in energies of our environment. This way, it’s possible to balance out some forces or energies, which are visible or subtle and assemble these in such a way to obtain an ideal circulation of energies, which triggers a feeling of general well-being. 

This art originates from the Chinese Taoist philosophy and the principle of yin and yang is used to harmonize one’s home and decoration and find the perfect balance. Etymologically speaking, Feng means "wind" and Shui means "water". Previously, this art was known as kanyu shu, this can be translated as "the art of observing the earth"

Discover contemporary Feng Shui art with Carré d'Artistes

But what is the relationship between this Chinese art of living and a Feng Shui painting? Chinese and Asian art has seized this philosophy for some time now.. And we have noticed the arrival of a sort of contemporary Feng Shui art in Europe for several years, in particular following its appearance in the West in the 80s.. Zen art is now available in interior decoration, home improvement, but also in certain artworks. In these Zen paintings, we find a combination of several Taoist principles, a typically Asian relaxing atmosphere, and key elements that are reminiscent of this Chinese art of living. Once hung on a wall, a Feng Shui painting contributes to the proper circulation of the energies of your home. If you are sensitive to meditation, relaxation techniques and inner appeasement, there is no doubt, Zen art is made for you! We took the time to bring together each Feng Shui painting of our artists to present you a set of original, positive, and soothing works.

Découvrez des artistes et des tableaux zen de notre collection pour décorer votre intérieur selon l'art du feng shui et créer une atmosphère relaxante.

What are the principles of decoration and Zen art?

 To favor the circulation of positive vibes harmoniously at home, it is important to understand and respect certain rules, even when it comes to contemporary Feng Shui art. What are the Zen principles for decoration and paintings?

•    One doesn’t overburden the rooms: to favor a proper circulation of energy, we do not pile up anything, we do not accumulate too many objects and we favor ventilated spaces.
•    Zen paintings are placed in key areas: on the walls of the living room, the entrance, or the dining room, for example, to concentrate positive energies in strategic places of the home and promote communication. 
•    We make sure that colors and shapes are in tune with each other: in this art of living, each color, shape, and material has a precise correspondence and is balanced or not with other elements; even with a Feng Shui painting, we do not forget to balance out these elements! 
•    Each room has its own color: if you choose a Feng Shui painting, pay attention to its dominant color, to hang it in the right room; for example, blue adapts well to an office or a library, because it promotes concentration, a pink painting should be put in a bedroom or a bathroom, yellow goes very well in the kitchen or the living room, purple can be present in a living room, etc. 
•    Paintings can help you bring peace at home: depending on the pattern which is represented on a painting, it is possible to trigger energies in certain rooms, such as a mountain painting or waterfall in an office, or even a painting with a creative spirit in a child's room. 

How to recognize a Feng Shui painting?

A Zen painting is quite easy to recognize. There are four criteria that allow you to recognize and decipher a Feng Shui painting:

•    The represented elements: often, the painted elements are typical patterns of Zen paintings, such as trees, mountains, rivers (more or less gentle or restless), sea, symbolic animals, flowers, buds and leaves, contemplative landscapes, forest, sun, and moon, etc. These elements call out meditation and provide a feeling of well-being when one gazes at them.  
•    The composition of the painting: the composition of a Feng Shui painting is always balanced, the artists play with the forms and strive to assemble them properly, to create visible harmony.
•    The colors used: the colors of the Zen paintings lean on the rules of the art of Feng Shui living because each color has its own meaning and its peculiar energy.
•    The atmosphere released by a painting: you’ve surely noticed, when one gazes at a contemporary art Feng Shui painting, one feels relaxed and at peace. There is an obvious sweetness which is passed on through each Zen painting. 

    6 contemporary artists who create Zen paintings

    Our exclusive Feng Shui collection aims to present contemporary artists, who create unique and original pictorial work, that can match your Zen interior. Which artists can you find in our collection?

    François-Régis Lemmonier, for example, represents dreamlike landscapes, where tree is always the main element, alongside small, almost invisible characters facing immense nature. The artist Du Mingxuan, uses traditional Chinese techniques to create paintings that are perfect examples of Zen art. The technique of sand paintings by Laurence Jovys goes very well with the Zen atmosphere. With their maritime and animal patterns, her works are perfect for a bedroom or in a Feng Shui living room! Gaïa Roma is an artist who plays with material and shapes, to create harmonious works through unique compositions. Artists like Marie-Ange Roussel and Fanny paint together to provide us with intense and comforting maritime paintings.
    But that's not all! Many other artists await you in our exclusive collection: Yu Huan-Huan, Paxal, Sanqian, Lundh Jonas, Manconi Gil, Lau Blou, Christophl, Rebeyre Catherine, Boitier Thierry, Bottichio Anik, and many more!

    Unique art for...

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