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Patrick Cornée's dancers

- 27/05/2021
patrick cornee

Inspired by the joys of life

As an artist, I work with my hands and use my soul to create something new, beautiful, elegant, modern and luxurious.

My work reflects my sensitivity. Inspired by life, my artworks symbolizes femininity, fashion, celebration, music and love.  These are endless sources of inspiration.

My style pops as it is full of color, feeling, cheerfulness and frivolity. Through my work, I would like to express the richness of life in beauty and love, and the importance of being carefree, happy and whimsical.



  1. "My artistic universe is limitless and bursting with creativity"
  2. He breathes magic into his creations
  3. Tell us about your journey to becoming an artist
  4. Portrait of Patrick Cornée
  5. Artworks by Patrick Cornée

"My artistic universe is limitless and bursting with creativity"


In this series of artworks, form and emotion intertwine to spring up in a single composition where spontaneity becomes one with authenticity.

Elegant and slender figures either hide discreetly or remain ever present, while always staying in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

My artistic universe is limitless and bursting with creativity.


He breathes magic into his creations


For me, it is important to approach the canvas without any preconceptions and to stay open to all forms of expression.

To maintain balance in my paintings, I use somber, harmonious textures and colors.  

The following steps are needed to create an artwork.

To begin, I use a putty knife to develop an abstract background and utilize several colors to create an atmosphere.

I will then draw the main forms in charcoal.

Finally, and most importantly: I paint. I start with acrylic and finish with oil in order to fill in my dancers’ dresses and figures.

Sometimes, I add patterned papers and paint over them. I might also use spray paint and engravings.

At this point, the work really begins as I use white paint to try to create a specific and magical atmosphere through chiaroscuro. I shape my artwork by highlighting characters and certain colors while erasing other parts. In addition, I sometimes add glitter or gold to give a festive touch. By now, I will have worked for nearly twenty hours.

Tell us about your journey to becoming an artist


In school, by the age of seven, I was only good at one thing: drawing.

I remember my art teacher telling me I had a gift for art, but my parents weren’t aware of it.

My father was a soldier, so at the age of 16, I entered the navy and remained there for 6 years.

Even during this time, I knew I wasn’t made for this job, so I decided to leave.

I then tried to play music for three years, but I had no real musical ear and I hated music theory so I gave this up as well.

My love for drawing and painting suddenly reappeared when I turned 25.

Before entering Toulon’s Fine Arts, I began drawing portraits of children and of my colleagues. Once enrolled, I selected various painting classes that stood out to me, and took them simultaneously.

As a result of these daily lessons, I was able to define my own style and to begin exhibiting my work in galleries worldwide.

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Portrait of Patrick Cornée


patrick cornee portrait

Patrick discovered his love for painting and drawing at the age of 5 and the spontaneous creation of an imaginary character revealed his artistic side and his taste for art.
Much later, the creative force of this phase of his childhood would reappear with all its intensity and uniqueness. The progression of his expression would become images, the harmony of forms would flourish naturally.

Today, his painting is still influenced by this ‘magic’ time of his childhood. Patrick works with graphic design, volume and colour, and what he calls a ""poetic lyrical transfiguration” is born from this symphony.

Artworks by PATRICK CORNée

patrick cornee
patrick cornee joconde
patrick cornee artwork
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