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Enter the universe of Andy Warol, master of pop art

- 12/07/2021
andy warhol master of pop art
Pop art and show business are closely linked with Andy Warhol.
The American artist has dedicated his life to reproducing symbols of popular culture on canvas.
Cans of soup, dollars and celebrities were his great inspiration. Complete point on his work.

Why did Andy Warhol stray from comics?

In painting his very first works Andy Warholdevoted himself to a passion shared by millions of Americans: comic book characters.
After drawing numerous illustrations for the advertising world, his goal was to exhibit his creations.
He wanted to find a place in the hearts of art lovers. It was to gain this popularity that he decided to represent global icons like Superman or Popeye. His originality lay in the decidedly comical traits he attributed to these famous superheroes.
Satisfied with his work and the reception of the public, however, he chose to move into a whole new world. He found that the artist Roy Lichtenstein was already well established in this theme and that there was no need to come to overshadow him. In addition, the adopted New Yorker from Pittsburgh wanted to build his own identity.
Deeply attached to everyday objects popular with his compatriots, he has sought to continue to follow this logic.
After the pictures of famous people he cut out when he was little and the comics, he became interested in something even more common: food packaging.

>Is Andy Warhol considered the father of Pop Art?


What is the hidden beauty of a can of soup?

In Andy Warhol's brain, pop art and simplicity are two phases of the same play.
The opposite of abstract art where reality is eclipsed, it is brought to the fore in the most popular works of the eccentric businessman.
In the Campbell's Soup Cans series, mundane tins are the centerpiece of the picture. Transcribed using the technique of screen printing, they are there to prove to the world that true aesthetics are found in simple things.
Andy Warhol is fascinated by details. He changed the letters, colors and fonts of the inscriptions on his soup cans.
Sometimes alone, sometimes in several copies to exaggerate the effect, he has fun grinding this unexpected material. We also see certain ancillary products such as a bowl or a can opener. He changes the content of the labels, tears them or peels them off slightly.
There are many variations but the frills are absent. The same goes when he draws a bottle of Coke or a banknote.
No need to dress the canvas with unnecessary brushstrokes. His work is precise, almost industrial. In an interview, he says he sees himself more as a machine than a creative painter.
andy warhol campbell's tin can

Campbell's Soup Tin Can Sculpture Reproduction


    Who are these stars who inspired Andy Warhol?

    Even though supermarket shelves have left a mark on his works, Andy Warhol was also inspired by human beings.
    He has painted the faces of a multitude of famous people including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly and even Mao Zedong. Here again, he mainly used screen printing in order to infinitely increase the facies of his muses.
    Another dimension is extremely disturbing about these portraits. We notice that death is omnipresent in his motivations and that it is this parameter in particular that pushed him to choose his models. In the case of Marilyn Monroe, he decided to engrave it on a painting just a few months after her death. For Lise Taylor, he started drawing her when she was seriously ill. He has also produced a whole category of paintings related to accidents and catastrophes of all kinds. Having lost his father at a very young age at the age of fourteen, we can assume that this tragic event had an influence on his future life or that the raw and inanimate side of his work found its place in it perfectly.

    The 3 most significant paintings of the end of ANdy Warhol's career

    Gradually moving away from painting to focus on music and especially film, Andy Warhol returned to his original craft episodically throughout his life.
    On this occasion, he distanced himself from his favorite themes in order to open up more. In 1975 he painted the face of one of the owners of the Mouton Rothschild wine company using new colors that were quite unusual for him. Between 1979 and 1981, at the request of an Italian collector, he created several paintings related to Vesuvius. Until now, Warhol had hardly ever dabbled in depicting landscapes.
    Finally, after 1982, he tackled the reproduction of famous paintings such as The Scene by Leonardo da Vinci.A flourishing activity which he seemed to practice in those years for pleasure and fantasy rather than adding a stone to the monumental edifice he had set out to build during his heyday.

    What other talents did Andy Warhol have?


    In addition to painting, Andy Warhol was very drawn to the seventh art.

    Like his paintings, his films were outside the norm. For example, he had fun filming a man who slept for more than five hours and put his camera down for another eight long hours in front of the Empire State Building. Breaking the codes, experimenting with innovative concepts. This is the enduring obsession of this multi-faceted artist. On the other hand, sculptures shaped by him are available for consultation in various museums around the world. This is particularly the case with Silver Clouds, cushions inflated with helium to simulate the structure of clouds.
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