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Which artwork for a Bohemian interior?

- 17/11/2020
Which artwork for a Bohemian interior?

For this second autumn lockdown, Carré d’artistes suggests that you make the most of this time, to re-think your decoration and the artwork which go along with it. By following a different style every week: contemporary, industrial…Second step: how to trigger a Bohemian spirit at home?

To get a clear picture, here’s some history: “Bohemian” is a lifestyle and style of thought which emerged during the 19th century, among the Parisian artist circles. Inspired by the romantic movement-which favors an elation of feelings-, “Bohemian” artists wish to live at the fringes of society and devote their life solely to art, while forgetting about Bourgeoise conventions and enjoying those pleasures which don’t cost much. As the writer Honoré de Balzac wrote in 1844 in Un prince de la Bohème, « The Bohemian doesn’t have anything and lives with what he has”. Sung by Charles Aznavour in 1965, today the word holds a slightly different meaning “the Bohemian chic” style triumphs in clothing store shelves with its fuzzy material and the Bohemian Bourgeoise also known as “Bobos” fill up the popular neighborhoods of big cities. When it comes to decoration, Bohemian is a source of an extremely rich inspiration, leaning on colors, creativity, and emotion…


Tip n°1: favor exuberance in the living room

Why? Because Bohemian artists like to live in an intense way: love, dance, play music, run through days right until dawn… Our choice: sonic and colorful paintings by Fauve, which portrays this rather lively mind in a perfect way. A range of warm colors, glasses of champagne, tracks played on piano, duos, and trios of women like the roaring twenties: we are there! Her paintings are ideal to enliven welcoming rooms like the living room or the dining room.
          boheme interior art artwork



Tip n°2: venture surrealistic visions!

Why? Because Bohemianism is quite close to poetry, invention, spontaneity, and the Surrealists are the worthy inheritors. Our choice: Carlo Trévisan, who is not only a painter but poet too and creates intriguing paintings, to perfection. On blue sky background, objects, and floating beings as puzzles. To find meaning (or not!) …. This artist will be able to provide your bold interior, with mystery.

artwork surrealisme for you interior                     artwork surrealisme for you interior


Tip n°3: sweet melancholy for rainy days…

 Why? Bohemianism doesn’t exist without melancholy: Bohemian artists, Romantic descendants are able to deploy extraordinary sensitivity. Our choice: Watery eyes, little sulky pouts, enigmatic poses…The figures of the Dutch painter Theo, instill a strange atmosphere which favors melancholy. Appealing through their unique beauty, they’ll go perfectly in a calm room like a bedroom or a library.

artwork boheme interior 1                    artwork boheme interior 2



Tip n°4: a fresh breeze for the kids’ bedrooms

Why? Inventing the entire world with not much, here is a common ability for Bohemian artists and children! Our choice: Of Japanese origin and now residing in France, Masako Masukawa has a knack at portraying amusing and delicate compositions, which appeal to the look and titillate the mind. Masukawa’s rather pale palette and gentle strokes, shall certainly please children and be reminiscent of illustrated books, for some.
artwork for a children room                    artwork for a children room 2

Bonus tip: which furniture to accompany?

Dare to bank on maximalism! Walls covered with paintings, drawings, posters, libraries filled with all sorts of books…Along with colorful furniture combined with artifacts you bought during your trips. So that every room has a unique soul!

interior furniture and work of art
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