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Who is Patrick Rousseau ?

- 07/10/2021
discover the painter name patrick rousseau

1.    Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What is your background?


I paint characters who have gradually turned urban. My work is an extension of impressionists, not entirely figurative, but with an abstract touch.  

2.    How did your vocation as an artist emerge?


I began painting when I was 16. My parents gave me a fairly modest book on the Impressionists for my birthday.
My dream was to come to Paris one day and visit Orsay and see the paintings for real. This trip triggered my enthusiasm, my mother offered me the walls of her room so that I could cover them up with drawings. 

artworks of patrick rousseau

3.    How does a painting session take place?
What is the creation process of your works?


I have a work organization like everyone else except that sessions can often end at midnight depending on the orders.
Each painting is a challenge, I try to provide a new touch to each painting, a new nuance, a new viewpoint, characters who always move in various directions, to highlight the details. 


4.    What are your artistic inspirations,
your influences, and references?


I use several artists as a reference, not just the impressionists even though my painting may suggest so.
I really admire the secession school for example. One day I may be able to address the subject, perhaps in a few years when I have time to rest.


5.    How do you relate to the themes which are
highlighted in your paintings?


The most important element is to give the city a feeling of security, a place that welcomes us, harmonious, pleasant, a place where we want to stay, to walk, to enjoy a coffee outside, a walk on a bridge, watching others. 


6.    What do your colors symbolize?
 Do you wish to convey a message through your work?

I try to make the colors speak, to pass on fragrances, noises, the atmosphere of the city through them. The choice of colors is very important because they are the ones that “help” the spatula to set up the stage. 


7.    What is the best advise you received as an artist?

I have always worked hard, and I have received quite a lot of advice, some more or less interesting however I will always remember a great French artist who showed me the path and helped me to become who I am modestly today, through a few simple words and without any ulterior motives, I am very grateful to him. 


    8.    Can you tell us something about yourself
    that the people will be surprised to hear?

    If I had the choice, I would spend my life gardening, sculpting, in a remote corner of Tuscany with my wife, without a phone, with a sketchbook and Indian ink.


    9.    According to you, why is it important to have art at home?

    It is important to have art at home because a painting does not simply decorate a wall, it makes us ponder, it is a new discovery each time we look at it. A detail that we didn’t take notice of before. It triggers joy, makes us think. When we go to the museum, we could spend hours gazing at a painting that we like. We wonder what inspired the artist, if this scene is part of his life and it slowly turns into a moment based on sharing. The same happens with a sculpture, you can touch the shapes, soak up the texture, feel an emotion, that's essential!  


    10.    An anecdote you would like to share? 

    A few years ago, I was invited to do an exhibition in Japan, in Tokyo, by an art dealer whom I really respect, and I remember fondly. I reached the viewing; my paintings were hung. There were 8 very dedicated and kind salespeople in the booth. I went for a walk to visit the other stands and I was amazed to see myself surrounded by great masters like, Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Hopper, Du Buffet, David Hockney, Dali, Munch, Klimt, great Japanese masters. I was blown away, a unique experience that only confirmed that no one is a prophet in their own country. 

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