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CG | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • CG | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter

Each viewer has different point of view on an artwork, especially if it gives different point of view.
Self-taught woman, CG took her first steps into the world of contemporary art in 2001. After working on the mastery of several techniques, she has been expressing herself for years in both abstract and figurative terms, under different signatures, seeking to regularly develop innovative concepts. As a proof of her will to innovate in her art, she likes to sometimes make her works "evolving" thanks to a magnetic system to give several "faces" to her creations. She also likes to work on supports composed of several blocks of medium of different volumes in order to play with the perception of the spectator according to his position.
CG creates her portraits by drawing stencils from her own pictures, which she shapes on wood or metal. She innovates by making her pallets «change their initial appearance,» thanks to a magnetic system which gives several «faces» to her creations. CG used to work with a spatula and applied a bottom layer of different colours to enhance the contrast and depth of her works. From canvas to canvas, she delved into her imagination to better escape her reality. Aerosols and acrylic now enrich her paintings by means of brushes, rollers, knives and other instruments. CG also has the particularity to remove the original material in some spots of her artworks to fully reveal its subject.
  • 1973
    Bordeaux, France

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