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Martinez Olivier | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Martinez Olivier
  • France
  • Sculptor

Colors are my best allies to let my creativity speak!\n
Olivier Martinez hails from Rouen and made his first foray into art as a child. He expressed his creativity through drawing for years before he was introduced to posca markers. Olivier decided to upcycle an old skateboard when he was 22. He bought a few markers so he could give it a new lease of life and that's how he discovered poscas. He fell in love with their colours and endless possibilities. He hasn't stopped since then. He completed a Masters degree at Compiègne Technology University and naturally went into a career as a designer in Paris.\n
What Olivier Martinez loves most is giving items a new lease of life and working on wood. The artist may dabble in acrylic but his favourite tools of the trade are poscas for their wide variety, results and quality. After that he goes with his gut and any ideas that spring to mind. He works to put his idea into context. Olivier spent a long time doing pop culture illustrations but he now creates his own worlds. He loves bringing joy to his audience, making them smile, showing them that you shouldn't limit yourself but should be brave and draw anything that comes to mind because it could be beautiful.\n
  • 22/03/1993
    Mont saint aignan, France
  • 2019
    Paris, France
  • 2018
    Paris, France
  • 2018
    Pop up the Jam
    Brussels, Belgium

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