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Salvan Pauline | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Salvan Pauline  | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Salvan Pauline
  • France
From a very young age, a love of art blossomed in Pauline and she had a particular fondness for artistic design, which she describes as a "basic need". The self-taught artist experimented and got her bearings with painting by testing several techniques until she found the right one for her. After four years running her own artisan business, Pauline sold it so she could focus on her passion and make her dream a reality. She displayed her work in increasingly prestigious venues and the encouraging feedback she received motivated her to improve and devote herself to art.
Pauline expresses her emotions and feelings through her art. She designs in the moment and is guided by her emotions and fancies. Canvas, guitar, table or another everyday item... The painter works on different canvases with pre-selected colours that she spreads with a palette knife. Her imagination then guides her to take over the space. Nothing is ever planned. Pauline enhances, softens, corrects and intensifies until she creates a colourful piece in an imaginary child-like world where comics, street art and surreal characters come together to convey her emotions and spontaneous vision of the world around her.

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