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Top 5 gift ideas for art lovers

Are you looking for an original gift idea to give to an art lover? When you want to please your art lovers, it is essential that your gifts take into account their interests. Discover our selection of the five best gift ideas to give to an art lover for the holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Valentine's Day.

Who do you give a gift to?

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An art lover knows how to appreciate a painting as long as it matches his or her taste. So you need to find out about your loved one's preferences to make sure you make the right choice. Start by determining the best option between an abstract painting and a figurative paintings. These are two opposing art forms that cater to different personalities.

Abstract art is more of an interpretation of reality. The artist gives free rein to his creativity to bring feelings to life using colors and shapes. It is the ideal gift for an art lover who likes to exercise his imagination. 

With this type of painting, he will be able to renew his interpretation with each contemplation. On the other hand, figurative art is a more concrete representation of reality.

The painter here is inspired by human models, objects or places to produce works that are more or less similar to what he sees. This is an art gift idea suitable for people with a rational mind. Moreover, one can appreciate this type of painting even without having to interpret it. Whatever painting you choose, make sure the theme and colors match your loved one's interior.



A sculpture is above all a decorative object that allows you to give your home a unique look and an artistic touch. It is also a form of expression that speaks volumes about its owner. Giving a sculpture to an art lover is therefore an excellent option when you know his or her tastes and the image he or she wishes to project.

Depending on the preferences and the interior decoration, you can choose a classic, contemporary or modern work. But you must take into account certain criteria such as the size of the sculpture or the material of manufacture of the art object. A small sculpture remains discreet while bringing its touch of originality. If your loved one is the type of person who attracts attention, you may want to choose a larger piece.

Also keep in mind that the size and weight of a sculpture will determine the support on which it will be placed. Statues are traditionally made of stone or wood. But if you are looking for a contemporary art gift idea, you can opt for a metal sculpture. They fit very well in modern interiors and are particularly resistant.


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A book is both a source of inspiration and knowledge and an object of relaxation. You can offer a book on the history of art to allow your loved one to enrich his or her culture on this subject. This type of book allows you to follow the evolution of art from the beginnings of civilization to the present day. It is an excellent way to discover the great artistic currents that have marked history.

You can also offer an art lover an essay on painting or sculpture techniques to reinforce his skills. They can discover new ways to express their creativity and produce more striking works. Some books can also provide a better understanding of the art industry in preparation for a career.

A person who wants to become a collector needs to understand the steps involved in making an acquisition. He or she should also know the usefulness of a certificate of authenticity. Finally, fiction and biographies are excellent art gift ideas for an amateur looking for inspiration.

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Give an experiential gift


Experiential gifts are an opportunity for your loved ones to experience unique moments and memories that last a lifetime. You can offer an art lover a visit to a vernissage or an exhibition. These events are both moments of relaxation and culture. It is a gift idea related to art that will allow him to deepen his knowledge by discovering the work of talented painters or sculptors.

The exhibitions also offer the chance to meet the actors of the field and to exchange with renowned artists. Workshops organized by art galleries generally cover a variety of themes. Be sure to choose an experience that is relevant to your child's interests.


Also consider workshops and training courses that allow you to practice and strengthen your skills. Participants develop new skills and receive guidance from qualified instructors. These activities are usually done in groups and provide an opportunity to meet people with a wide variety of artistic sensibilities.




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