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When art blends in with luxury

- 17/02/2022
To forget about this rough winter for a while, Carré d'artistes has brought together, like so many diamonds around a necklace, a collection of artworks spellbound by luxury and style. Fashion icons, major brands and high-end couturiers come together on the shock and pop artworks of this unique selection. To be discovered on our website and in our galleries from February 17 to March 3, 2022!

A collection in the spirit of art and luxury 

While art and fashion have been closely related for centuries, the artists in our selection are renewing the genre by turning luxury into something glamorous, explosive and a timeless obsession.

Among them, Patrick Cornée is inspired by the magazine covers adorned with icons of cinema and modeling. Through his brush, they turn into sensual patterns, where splashes of paint and symbols of pop culture are used to form an ultra-contemporary mix!

Initially passionate about graffiti and tags, the French artist Kikayou takes mythical figures from the history of luxury, such as Coco Chanel, and makes their silhouette stand out through a range of bright colors applied with a spray can. Simply, mind blowing!

Virginie Shroeder's works are recognizable at first glance: the Canadian artist aligns thin strips of color to unveil famous faces... An extremely precise and delicate technique, which contrasts against light backgrounds, and enthralling through her dexterity!

Fans of volume works will hover around TED's work, the latter reuses the famous Campbell's soup can reproduced by Andy Warhol and combines it with the logos of major luxury houses such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, planted in the pot, like urban flowers.


    History of art: Pop Art and luxury brands

    If the origin of Pop Art wanted to criticize (by mocking it!) the consumer society, many artists have subsequently covered the tracks... by collaborating directly with very famous firms. This is the case for Jeff Koons, an outrageous neo-pop artist, or even Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist who loves manga: both of them worked with Louis Vuitton on the creation of bags, which turned into half-works, half-fashion accessories. Cynicism or opportunism? It’s your call; in any case, the fans were delighted!
    Unique art for...

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