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Back to childhood

- 16/08/2021
It’s soon the end of the summer holidays but we still have some time for fun…and fall back into childhood! With this collection of paintings positioned under the sign of Pop art, which should be discovered from the 17th until the 30th of August in our galleries and our Internet website. Carré d’artistes invites you for a last crazy laughter, before getting back to work!

When Pop art jives with painting

Emerged in Great Britain during the 50’s, Pop art has spread all around the world and keeps triggering followers! The new summer collection is the living proof, which highlights an unbridled and complex-free painting. On the agenda? Pop culture characters turned into patterns, de-constructed and transformed! 

Originally from Canada, Virginie Schroeder displays Harry Potter, Elvis Presley or even Mona Lisa, by working through super position, she then scratches over the upper painting layer to highlight the portrait. What a trick! 

The French artist Franck Lamboley also works with super position, but this time with newspaper and magazine pages, which are meticulously torn to depict a surprising background with portraits of Brigitte Bardot, Mickey or Astro Boy…

Nathalie Molla likes to experiment: spray painting, ink, or acrylic, applied with a palette knife or paintbrush…She has several possible approaches and has fun representing various characters like Tweety bird, Andy Warhol or Donald Duck. A major delight for the eyes! 

As for the paintings by Philippe Euger, these were directly sampled from the walls: posters, tags, stencils, inscriptions, everything is present to make it perfect! He reminds us that the street is an infinite surface and it’s inspiring for painters…

Misako the French artist won’t deny this, who is an exuberant fan of street art. In her paintings, her madness for the capitalist world seems to be quite inspiring: a Campbell can of soup as a nod to Warhol, advertisement for Chanel, Wonder Woman…One comes across everything, like a patchwork of images, like in Times Square! 




Even if Pop art invented the emergence of famous and iconic characters in painting (Mao, Marylin Monroe…), one needs to go back to the origins of art, to find the first fictional characters! 
Western painting has always represented mythological characters who are invented, and it’s fundamentally related to literalist invention. The poet Horace explained this well «Ut pictura poesis», to put it otherwise “poetry, just like painting”. When combined, it gives shape to stores which man is able to pass on orally and remember it forever! 

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