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New York through painting

- 30/08/2021
20 years after the September 11 attacks, Carré d’artistes presents a selection of works, which pay tribute to New York, this extraordinary city, which continues to inspire the artists of our time. Discover the importance of New York in the artistic realm, the various representations of the city and the artists who draw inspiration from it...

New York, the cultural capital of the United States.

New York is an American city which has the greatest number of inhabitants. This city triggers a global influence. It is among the world's largest hotbeds for trade, art, finance, fashion, media, tourism, entertainment, and research. It is a must-see and unforgettable place! 

In terms of art, New York is one of the most inspiring cities for artists around the world. Since the 20th century, New York has played the leading role in culture in the United States. This culture is abundant, cosmopolitan, and eclectic. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this city quickly turned into a place of artistic creation (painting, photography, cinema, urban art, music...) and literature. New genres emerge in New York, such as abstract expressionism, pop art, graffiti in the Harlem neighborhood and street culture..

More than 2,000 arts and cultural organizations are hosted in New York each year and there are more than 500 art galleries.

New York, urban view painting star

New York paintings have redefined the rules of urban views painting. Painting a picture of New York has become inseparable from paintings of urban landscapes. It is impossible to miss out on the famous aerial views of New York, its legendary long boulevards, yellow taxis, the pedestrian crowds, the fiery traffic and its peculiar architecture. Do you like city view painting? Well, you definitely need a New York painting!

The current interest of such a painting is to represent an atmosphere, an ambience which is specific to the city of New York. By creating a painting in which buildings, vehicles and pedestrians are closely related, you immediately feel transported to this city and these neighborhoods, where one never sleeps.  These paintings are genuine tributes to this wonderful city, irreplaceable and the almost fantastic equals New York. One never gets bored!


A tribute to New York painting

American painting is rich and diverse. Since the 20th century, many artistic and pictorial currents have crossed the United States and New York. Abstract expressionism emerged here, just like Pop art carried by the famous Andy Warhol. Minimalism, which isn’t as famous, also originated in the artistic hotbeds of the United States, and New York takes the lead. After the 1980s, American painting became difficult to decipher and classify, as it was so abundant. Many styles are combined: ranging from hyperrealism to neo-expressionism, not to mention, lyrical abstraction, conceptual art, minimalism, and free figuration. In New York, something known as "bad painting" developed more particularly, which borrows most of its codes from street art (stencils, graffiti, street posters, etc.) and from American counterculture. When one needs to qualify these varied and changing styles, one doesn’t hesitate to speak about painting of postmodernity.

Regardless of the case, most artists who are sensitive to New York City do not hesitate to pay tribute to it, by using it as a reference or by representing the city in their paintings. 


Carré d'artistes and New York painting

Do you like New York paintings and American paintings? For the 20th anniversary of September 11th, Carré d'artistes pays tribute to this wonderful city and its artists. We have always promoted artists, may they be beginners or experienced, who are inspired by this city, in different styles of painting (hyperrealism, pop art, graffiti, street art ...), who create paintings of urban views or who refer to New York or the United States, generally speaking. 

You will find several hyper-realistic paintings, pop art paintings or street art paintings that use mixed media. Contemporary artists are constantly reworking and reinventing the New York City, through painting or photography, and this is a delight! 
Choosing a New York painting is offering yourself the trendiest present, to decorate your walls! 

New York painting: artists to follow 

Paintings of New York have been popular for several years. Many artists are inspired by the New York atmosphere and its mythical streets in their paintings. On Carré d'artistes, the painter Solveiga has represented New York several times, through beautiful colors and a very personal sensitive touch. This artist’s paintings remind us of how beautiful and majestic this city is and make us want to go on an incredible urban adventure!

Through a different atmosphere, the artist Julien Rey makes us travel in a world where colors are strange, new, and mysterious. His paintings of New York are truly enthralling and make us discover this city from a whole new angle, where buildings and architectures are unveiled to us in black and white.

Rudyard Heaton's unique style is perfect for representing New York City. While looking at his works, we question our perception of the city, its inhabitants, and its famous buildings, due to vivid colors and bewitching gestures.

The French painter Yoann Gloaguen creates paintings of New York that are both hyper-realistic and graphic. The artist's curiosity is highlighted through paintings and encourages us to discover New York through a new light, with a play on colors, strokes, and amazing compositions.

Works by Daniel Castan are the best-sellers at Carré d'artistes! Due to his travels, the artist has been inspired by New York life and its special atmosphere for his paintings, that are both figurative and hazy, which make you want to conquer the streets of the city and discover their mysteries.

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