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Tribute to Claude Monet, father of the Impressionists


Through our unique collection, Carré d'artistes pays tribute to Claude Monet. With our collective of artists, we offer a series of unique and certified paintings that pays tribute to the founder of the impressionist movement.
Through their brushes, they have reinterpreted his work to offer you the soul.

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Born in 1840, Monet left his mark on art history by contributing to a new genre: Impressionism.
The name comes from an unflattering remark left by a critic about his painting "Impression, Rising Sun". It will live on in posterity. Claude Monet never stopped bringing it to life and enriching it alongside his friends Manet, Renoir, Cézanne, Degas, Caillebotte, Pissarot and Bazille.
All his work is based on the work of light. He likes to work outdoors to present the landscapes or monuments that surround him. Rather than focusing on a faithful representation of what he saw, in his paintings Claude Monet tried to capture the effects of light on the place. Impressionism was born.
He worked a lot on series, such as the Millstones, the Cathedral of Rouen or his views of London and the Thames.
Claude Monet was a hard worker. He painted in all weathers, to capture all the light. He likes to imply that he only works on nature. Even though he spent most of his time outdoors to perceive the effects of the changing light, he completed some of his paintings in his studio. In spite of everything, he remains in love with nature. He knew how to sublimate and enhance it. Even at the end of his life, suffering from cataracts, he continued his relentless work. His daily routine is rhythmic and includes no less than five to six hours of work.
In addition to this nature, he was seduced by the ever-changing brightness of London. He often returned to the city. A whole series is dedicated to it.
Claude Monet's house in Giverny was his refuge. He settled there in 1883. Despite his many trips, he returned there again and again. He lived there for 40 years. He left it in 1926 with his death. Monet painted many of his major works there, including the Water Lilies.
In Giverny, his garden was his first source of inspiration. He loved gardening there as much as painting. Every corner of this garden is a pretext for a new observation, a new discovery and of course a new painting. The theme of the water lilies alone represents about 250 paintings.
Monet inspired many artists with the new artistic style of impressionism. They followed him in his footsteps and became fascinated by this unfaithful but poetic and luminous representation of reality. Today, it is a new generation that pays tribute to him in this series dedicated to him.




Carré d'artistes was born in 2001. Our ambition is simple: to make art accessible to all. The art market is sometimes obscure and difficult to access for neophytes. The prices are high and not easy to understand. Passionate about art, beauty and uniqueness, we wanted to offer you access to this market by making it more democratic.
Since our first gallery in Aix-en-Provence, we have come a long way.
Today, a collective of more than 600 international artists accompanies us in this adventure. With them, through our online shop and more than 30 galleries around the world, we are working to make art available to everyone.
For more clarity, the prices of our paintings are fixed. They depend on the dimensions of each painting. We make it a point of honour to offer fair and affordable prices.

Our art curators have the mission to unearth the talents of today and tomorrow. They are a team of experts with a keen eye. Thanks to their perfect knowledge of the art market, they unearth the nuggets for you. Each artist is chosen for the quality and originality of their work. Our palette is eclectic so that you can find the work that suits you.

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Following in the footsteps of the master, our artists present a series of unique, original and certified paintings. This collection "Homage to Claude Monet" is not a copy. It presents a reinterpretation of his work through the fresh eyes of our artists.
All these works take up themes dear to Monet. Through their brushes, they pay homage to him by sublimating water lilies, rural landscapes and the beautiful city of London. The work of light is omnipresent.
You will find in this Hommage collection the unique work that corresponds to your expectations.
With the smallest format in 13x13, you can either add a small touch or start a collection that will gradually dress up a place.
The largest formats, 100x100, become in themselves a masterpiece of your decoration.
With this "Homage to Claude Monet" collection, bring a little of the great master into your home.
Not copied, just reinvented.


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