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Bessé Laurelle | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Bessé Laurelle | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Bessé Laurelle

"Get away from it all!"
Laurelle was born in Paris and grew up in Touraine where she made her first foray into art. She went to an introductory art class when she was 5. After studying architecture at Tours Fine Arts School, she ran a design office then worked as a luxury yacht interior designer. Laurelle decided to focus solely on painting and sculpture in 2010. Her work won countless awards and encouraged her to continue her artistic journey. She has been lucky enough to see her pieces travel all over France and abroad.
Laurelle sees life in colour ! Colour is what brings her work to life. She plays with the colours she chooses for her pieces and tries to bend them to her will. Usually her oil paint and palette knife join forces with colour to unleash her artistic side. Her canvas sets the scene for an imaginary world where you can daydream, slow down and take time out to reflect. It may conjure a childhood memory or dream come true. You can't help but dive into the colourful artwork and get away from it all in a bubble of calm where time stands still...
  • 1962
    Créteil, France


(4 Artworks)

4 Artworks



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