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Carré d'artistes is committed to not missing any new talent and highlighting the most beautiful collections of artworks. The primary objective of all the specialist art curators at Carré d'artistes is to select the new talents of tomorrow. Some artists have recently graduated from major art schools, others have already been validated by the art critics of today. The art collections of Carré d'artistes bring together both paintings and sculptures of all styles. The artistic genres are rich and varied and range from abstraction to pop art, through figurative and street art. Our gallery owners thus support nearly 600 artists. Each one is selected with the greatest care and attention. Each work of art is carefully examined to guarantee technical excellence.  Carré d'artistes represents a selection of works of art that is at once representative of what constitutes contemporary art today and multidisciplinary. Our collections come from all over the globe and paint a multicultural picture of the world of contemporary art. Discover talented artists and their unique and original works of art. 
(18326 Artworks)
18326 Artworks

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