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Never before has a virtual gallery had such an impressive catalogue.
Contemporary glass sculptures, marble figurines, reproductions of rabbits, ... For the aesthetes, this virtual space is similar to a pastry-bakery. Each shelf is an opportunity to discover an irresistible creation.

Sculptures that speak to the soul

To think that some people still think that contemporary sculptures have no souls... For these ardent defenders of ancient art, the last masterpieces of humanity reside in forgotten cellars and the tombs of Pharaohs.
This collection of sculptures by price alone proves them wrong.

Each sculpture is resolutely contemporary and emanates a very special energy. Each is an invitation to explore the inner world of the artist who created it.

Even if the viewer is not very open to art, he or she cannot help but wonder. "What are the thoughts of the faceless puppet in Be Cool BBL?", "Why does the dog Bonus wear a shield in the colours of Captain America?", "Am I the only person to see a face on Vudrag Nikola's Untitled Losange? Faced with these contemporary sculptures, it is impossible not to be frozen.

The fact that they are made of modern materials does not hinder their ability to convey emotions. In fact, the opposite is true... Through their humanoid curves, they manage to convey feelings so strong that they are almost palpable.

In this selection of sculptures by price, it is easy to catch a glimpse of fragments of the human soul. In each contemporary sculpture, there is an individual's vision of the world.
When designing his creation, the sculptor has tried to instil the breath of life into it.

Sculptures with a thousand and one faces

The good thing about contemporary sculptures is that they can take on a thousand and one faces.
Unlike classical creations, they are not afraid to go off the beaten track.

For example, it is possible to find a sculpture in the shape of a can of paint.
On this everyday object, immortalising snapshots or scenes of life becomes extremely easy. When it is not a question of stolen moments, artists can also engrave figures from popular culture such as Snoopy.

The fact that the classification is stamped "sculptures by price" does not mean that the catalogue is homogeneous. In fact, the opposite is true. Despite the similarity in price, each sculpture is unique. Better still... Each piece of art brings its own novelty.

A contemporary sculpture is a work of art that you enjoy discovering and rediscovering. Just when you think you know it, it always finds a way to surprise you.

As versatile as a chameleon, a contemporary sculpture is designed to reflect the personality of its creator. Then it will start another path to find the one who will become its twin flame. Through the Carré des Artistes, contemporary sculptures finally have the opportunity to find their soulmates.

Only one question remains: are you the human complement of a contemporary sculpture? Take the time to explore the gallery to find the answer to this question.
(71 Artworks)
71 Artworks
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