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Brooksby | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Brooksby | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter

When I paint, my canvas becomes a window that opens onto another dimension.
Brooksby showed an early aptitude for drawing. To keep up with her father's business travels, her family traveled constantly across the United States. This itinerant childhood gave the American artist a real appetite for wandering. By the age of eight, she was already studying model drawing at the University of California, Los Angeles. Two years later, she was apprenticed to a Japanese ceramist in West Virginia, and later became interested in photography. At the Beaux-Arts, she discovered a passion for sculpture and graduated in 1987, just before moving to Florence, Italy, where she settled for over twenty years.
Her love affair with painting began in the Tuscan countryside, during scooter rides. She would ride around with her easel and canvases hanging on her luggage rack. In 2006, her wandering spirit wakes up. She visited Paris for a weekend and decided to settle there. The French capital inspired her first urban scenes, a major axis of her work. Brooksby considers herself a colorist and devotes part of her paintings to the "blue hour", that in-between time of day when it is neither day nor night. She claims to belong to the American "Contemporary Realism" movement. Very much anchored in the reality of the moment, her works are intended as testimonies of an era. She currently lives and works on the French Riviera. The return to the Mediterranean inspires her to paint again. She paints on the spot the alleys of the villages,
  • 2018
    Exhibition at the Cocoon
    Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016
    Participation in Luxembourg Art Fair
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • 2010
    James Watson buys her a painting
    Cold Spring Harbor in New York, United States of America (the)
  • 2001
    Interviewed on NBC's The Today Show
    Florence, Italy
  • 1965
    New York, United States of America (the)
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