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Art in the city by Daniel Castan

10 years ago, Daniel Castan exhibited for the first time in Carré d'artistes galleries. From Bordeaux to Lyon, through Lille and Paris, his artworks meet a passionate public in the early hours.

In his first professional life, Daniel travelled extensively in New York and Hong Kong. During these trips he developed a fascination with the urban world and its larger-than-life perspectives, and now he recreates these graphic ambiances in his painting. The lines of buildings are lost in the sky, the wide avenues seem endless, the colours clash.

The knife, his tool of choice, allows him to work the material as a paste, in large strokes or to draw in the medium. The choice of this instrument is not accidental; the knife leaves no room for doubt.

Today Daniel Castan proposes a new big format collection.
His approach is not calculated; Daniel does not think, he paints.

(1 Artworks)
1 Artworks
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