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Cinema by Victor

"As with painting and art in general, there is everything in film, and that's what makes it so exciting!"

Cinema inspired me to make this selection. We know that since the writings of the fifteenth century, including Alberti's De pictura, painting is "a window open on reality", a definition that applies equally well to the cinematographic image, and this link between the two disciplines is very inspiring. 

More generally, my critical and aesthetic eye has been formed by cinema, and by the different eras that mark it: I am therefore just as passionate about the dark thrillers of the 1940s and 1950s, with their heavy urban atmospheres of the big American cities, as I am about contemporary adaptations of comic books, full of color and lightness. 

Painting has greatly inspired cinema, especially photography (the image) in cinema, and I like to find a pictorial aesthetic in a film. Moreover, as a film uses a certain type of narration, I like that the works tell me stories, through the imagination nourished by the atmospheres that they transmit. I don't have a favorite artwork, but I find that Maurizio Galloro's Dance of the Umbrellas gives me a strong impression, and I escape into the story it tells me. 
(7 Artworks)

7 Artworks

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