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Let's Party !

Nobody is an artist without the art of living. This is the reason why often painters and sculptors are incorrigible partygoers. Amateurs of music, dance, and fine food, they are able to celebrate life and creation at the same time! Sensitive to the time which goes by and doesn’t come back, they wonderfully illustrate the expression Carpe diem and encourage us to make the most of every minute, by exacerbating our attention to the world and miracles. They were under glass for months, their language made up of images and colors, is once again expressed in our June collection! France has gotten a breather since May 19th: after six months of lock down, museums, restaurants and concert halls open their doors again. Finally! This good news gave us the desire to celebrate the joy through a thematic collection, to be discovered from 1st until 14th June in galleries and on our website. Music on the way!


(28 Artworks)
28 Artworks
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